Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kanebo Lunasol Skin Contrast Face Powder in 01 Glow

Once again, Lunasol did not disappoint me with this product. Lunasol is on the high end side and can be a bit intimidating. I would have to say though, that most of their products are worth the money that will be spent, because these are products that I can stick to. When buying makeup that makes my piggie bank cry, I think of it as an investment. I do not know if you have noticed but I generally stick to my base and skincare products. :)

On to the review...

Comes with a soft puff which I have washed a few times. I prefer to use the puff that comes with the powder rather than using a huge face brush.

Packaging is elegant and very classy. I however am not crazy about the Gold cap because it is a finger print magnet. I suggest keeping the sticker and just peeling off half because the powder will get all over the place once removed and that's something we'd all like to avoid, right?

The powder is finely milled with micro shimmers which are hardly noticeable once applied on skin.

This is rather very light and feels like it hardly has any weight once applied. It is comparable to the Paul and Joe loose powder which I have previously reviewed. However, I prefer this to the Paul and Joe powder because this helps keeps my oiliness at bay; feels lighter on the skin and matches the color of my skin. This helps keep my makeup looking fresh and intact all throughout the day. 

It also helps hide my pores. I did notice that my pores are less visible once I have applied this powder on my face.

1. Powder.
2. Applied on skin, not yet pressed/blended. You can still see the shimmers.
3. After blending. The shimmers are no longer noticeably and just give a healthy glow on the skin.
Do remember to blend! You do not want chunks of glitters on your face. :P

Do you use a loose powder to set your makeup?

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DeBi said...

yes, i use ellana and fashion 21... :)

nice review sissy!

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