Monday, May 30, 2011

Cure Natural Aqua Gel - Skincare diary

If you have been following my blog, you might have previously read my post about acquiring this product HERE. 

For more info about the product please visit this site.

Yay for finishing almost 50% of the product! :P

The original packaging includes a stopper and I only take it out when I use it to prevent spillage.

Pump dispenser which may pump a little too product at times. 

The product comes out clear. 
It should be left on the skin for a few seconds until you see it get a bit cloudy. You may then start to rub it in circular and gentle motions. I only use this product once or twice a week - depending on the level of my laziness.

The product has a scent to it which kind of reminds me of alcohol but is rather mild so it does not bother me at all.

 Please do not scroll down if you are easily grossed out as the picture below may offend you...

The white clumps are said to be dry or dead skin

What my skin looked like after exfoliating.

I have read reviews on this product which said it broke them out or that it's an over hyped product. I would tell you that from experience this has not broken me out. If anything, I think it has helped improve my skin and have somewhat lessen the appearance of my large pores. It does remove dry skin because after I use this my skin feels clean and becomes a bit clearer. :P 

I do like this product. I however would advice those who want to try this to keep their expectations realistic because it won't turn the skin smooth, radiant and youthful overnight. It requires time and a few uses before you will see the positive result/s which will not make you go "WOW!" O.O or anything like that but will help your skin improve. 

Ok, I take it back, you might go "WOW!" O.O and be amazed on the first use, especially when you see clumps forming on your skin.. That does not mean that your skin will magically become clear and supple after using it. :P Yes, it will feel cleaner and there might be some visible results such as brighter complexion but that's it. Your skin will go back into it's original state after a few hours and will get oily if you have oily skin. (This is the reason why I say that expectations should be realistic.)

As for people who say that this will turn rubbery after a few months, I would like to say that mine hasn't turned into anything like that at all. It is still in gel form and doesn't show signs of turning into rubber soon. (Should it turn into rubber in the future I will let everyone know that it did.)

- Gets the job done.
- Did not break me out.

- Hard to get outside Asia.
- May be a bit expensive.
- An extra step in skincare. Not for lazy people out there I suppose. 

I can tell you that since I started to use this product,  I have gone & searched  for other products that may be similar or which might compare to it. Some of the products which I found are:

- Missha Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel
- Purederm Dual Wellbeing Pack - gets all rubber and clumpy even before you start rubbing it on your skin. LOL!!!! Has anyone tried this? :P
- Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel
- Etude House Magic Enzyme Peeling Gel

All of the above mentioned are more widely available (especially to Philippine based readers) and are cheaper. =)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paul & Joe Sahara Collection Finishing Powder - 002 Healthy Medium Beige

Please bear with me as I post more Paul & Joe reviews. This is probably because, I cannot get my mind off their Limited 2011 Summer collection. :P

So let's proceed with a review of another limited item -

This is the Limited Edition Sahara Collection Finishing Powder that was released last year. I know I should have picked it up earlier but I wasn't entirely sure if I liked it because I am not a fan of paper packaging.


In addition, crystalline cellulose and spherical powder adheres to sebum, helping maintain a dry and silky smooth skin that doesn’t look greasy.

Adheres to the skin. Stays on even after perspiring. 
The powder adheres to skin and stays on even after hot and humid conditions, because we combined oil-coated clear plate powder with amorphous powder. 

Keeps skin dry with a soft, fluffy touch. 
The powder spreads smoothly with a soft, fluffy texture. That’s because it contains a larger quantity of soft and comfortable amorphous powder, and a combination of easy-to-slide clear plate powder and spherical powder. It can be used comfortably during humid seasons and keep your skin soft and dry.

Sublime radiant glow and translucent finish whenever you want.
The powder contains a blended champagne gold frost “SECRET’D’or” that adds a warm glow and gives a sublime glow which will last for all day long. - SOURCE

The packaging is really pretty! If only it wasn't made of paper. :(

002 DESERT SAND Healthy medium beige
I picked up 002 because I think 001 suit individuals with NC 25 or lighter skin tones.

Pretty isn't it?

I love this puff! It's soft and fluffy and applies the powder quite smoothly. <3
This powder is best applied with this cotton puff, however one can also use a powder brush. :)

Comes with this sticker which you can keep if you want to prevent the powder from spilling.

Actually, the small holes control the amount of product that is dispensed. 
Can you see how finely milled the powder is? :3

Swatch on NC 30 skin.

Notice how my camera gets all weird and makes me darker and lighter in pictures? LOL! x) I guess it's the lighting or something like that. 

- The powder is finely milled.
- The puff is useful! Finally an applicator that can be used with the product. :)
- Gives a radiant, semi-matte, somewhat dewy look.
- Helps makeup last longer.
- Did not break me out.
- Is not cakey. 
- Light weight.
- Helps keep my oiliness at bay.

- May be a bit expensive to some people.
- May be hard to acquire.
- Is not talc and paraben free.

- While I love Paul & Joe packaging, I am not a fan of paper packaging because I just think plastic, glass and other materials are more sturdy & don't deteriorate as much. 
- There is a scent to this product. I quite remember it having a scent to it but I do not remember what it smells like at the moment. (Note: I am currently sick.)

I love this product! This is my favorite finishing powder as of the moment because I like the finish that it gives. It is also very lightweight and I don't feel as if I have piled tons of makeup on my skin when I use this. :3
I probably won't stop saying positive things about it because I really like it. 

Do you also use a finishing powder? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06 'Can-can'

Product Description:
With the vibrant colors of lipstick and the vivacious shimmer of lip gloss, Lip Lacquer provides a sheer texture that applies easy for a perfect pucker. Formulated to keep lips hydrated and add fuller dimension, applying Lip Lacquer ensures a fresh look and sheer finish that lasts all night. source

The website says that this is a gorgeous and bright pink shade.
I wouldn't say that it's as bright or bold as some lip colors are, but I would have to agree that it's gorgeous and gives a nice & healthy color to the lips.

Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer 06 "Can-can"

My camera always make my skin look 2 tones darker. :(

Somewhat sheer and somewhat opaque if you know what I mean. It has good coverage although
it will not hide overly pigmented lips. :)

(Remind me not to take lip swatches when I'm sick as my lips look so dry. )
Please excuse my chapped & dry lips. ^-^

Texture - Light but has somewhat a sticky almost tacky texture, which is not as bothersome as some MAC lip glosses but makes the color last longer.

Price - Php 1,250 or a little above $20. 

Scent - As my olfactory senses aren't working at the moment. I asked my brother what it smells like. According to him, it reminded him of crayons. However, I wouldn't say that the scent lasts because I don't remember this having a horrid scent or anything like that.

Staying Power - is decent. I'd say it stays longer than other lipglosses.

Color - The color payoff is amazing. It's almost like liquid lipstick.

- Long lasting. 
- Moisturizing. (Yes, it is. Please note that I am sick and that's the reason why my lips are super dry as of the moment.)
- The color is such a pretty and girly pink! :3
- Color is almost opaque. It depends on how pigmented your lips are. 
- Color can be worn all throughout the year! :)

- As with Paul & Joe products. The lip lacquers may be hard to find.
- Might be expensive to some.
- Might not work for people with pigmented lips.


Heads up Paul & Joe lovers! The New & Limited 2011 Summer Collection is now available at Rustan's Makati. :3
Do not hoard until I get well, please... ^__^"

Thank you so much for reading! :)

Are you planning to pick up anything from the LE Summer Collection? :]

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NOTD - Catrice Purplelized

A while ago I received a very lovely mail from witoxicity, which contained a bottle of Catrice Purplelized and a very lovely postcard! :) I really enjoyed reading the post card because it had a personal touch in it. <3

I have been witoxicity for quite some time and she has the most honest and detailed reviews on a different variety of products! She also does tutorials on her blog which I find very helpful. :3

I am very happy that I got to try this wonderful nail polish because this is a brand that I cannot locally buy in my country. 

Here's a picture of it on my nails -

It's a very lovely purple - aubergine nail polish that has tiny sparkles or micro glitters in it! :)

It's sooo pretty! Thank you so much Anne for this very lovely surprise!
Yes, it is indeed a surprise because I was the surprise winner of this nail polish on her blog. LOL! :) I always comment on her blog because I find all her posts extremely interesting. :D

Application - is very easy, goes on smoothly & there is no streaking. The glitters do not form chunks.
Drying Time - Very Fast! :)
Price - No idea as it was a gift. =)
Lasting Power - 4th day on my nails and there is still no chipping, whatsoever. 

Overall - I'd say this is probably at par with high end nail polishes if not better, my only complaint is that it's not available in my country.

Oh yeah I finally have a nail polish post! I feel so left out because everyone is making nail polish posts again.
Again, thank you so much Anne! :3 

By the way Anne is having another nail polish giveaway HERE - don't forget to check it out! ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Killing 4 birds with 1 stone + bronzing noob on the loose! :P

I agree - I shouldn't think of titles for blog entries as I always come up with pretty lame ones. :P
I haven't done a FOTD for quite a while so I'll post one now, so  you can see how all the recent products I have posted about look like when applied on. :)

Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette

Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01

Have you noticed that product names seem to be getting longer lately? Or is it just me..? O.o

Before you see my FOTD, I feel that I must inform you that this is my first time to use a bronzer. :P I actually had bought many drugstore bronzers which I have never touched. I find that most drugstore bronzers are so shimmery and kind of look intimidating so I use them as eyeshadows LOL! :P
This is sort of a first time for me ok? :3

Also, I would like to note that I did not look like a toasted beach bum in real life and my camera seems to be exaggerating the bronzed look for reasons I do not know. :/ This looks so much natural and prettier in real life. I will have to deal with my cameras settings one of these days.

I put a broken line as a mark for all the areas I applied bronzer on.
It's sort of like the number "3". 

I previously learned that holding cute props will make your pictures more appealing. :p Hence, here I am with Hello Kitty.

Primer -  - Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
Foundation - - Hera HD Foundation in No. 23
Bronzer - Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01 
Blush On - Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette, Desert Rose

Eyeshadow Primer - UDPP
Eyeshadows - Inglot  #16 AMC + Bobbi Brown's Classic Evening Palette, Navajo, Flint, Black Plum 
Eyeliner - Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner BR611 + Prestige 
Mascara - Majolica Majorca Lash Extreme Fash Plus BR666
False Eyelashes - Missha Eye Lash #04 Natural Long & Clear Eyelash + HK bought falsies cute in half applied only to the outer corners.

Lips - Paul & Joe - Moisture Lip Treatment + Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noir in 71 Rose Desir

Pictures were taken last Monday. I got sick after hehehe. :p
Also, if you watched Xiaxue's latest tutorial on how to achieve noticeable lower lashes without applying lower falsies, you will notice that it's what I did on my lower lash line. :) 

Forgive my vain pictures. :) I took this picture on the way home.
This is the road side at NLEX. :3

A sunflower! There was a bee when I attempted to shoot this but it got away before I could press the camera. >.<"

Do you like shimmery bronzers or do you prefer matte ones? :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hera High Definition Foundation in 23

I have been using this foundation for a while so I guess it's about time to give it a review. I previously heard that the Hera's HD Foundation was either a HIT or a MISS. I am leaning towards HIT although I can see why it might be a MISS for others.

Amore Pacific which may sound familiar to some of you is a popular and leading cosmetic brand in South Korea and has gained popularity in other countries throughout the years. 
The followings are some of the other brand lines sold by Amore Pacific Corporation: AMOREPACIFIC, LANEIGE, Mamonde, IOPE, Innisfree, HERASULWHASOO, and ÉTUDE.

Hera is one of the higher end brands under Amore Pacific.

Say hello to pretty packaging! :p

No. 23 - True Beige
I think that Hera's foundation will work for people with warm skin tones because there is a slight yellow undertone to this foundation.

Packaging is elegant and pretty. :)
Me and beautiful packaged cosmetics have special bond. :P

The bottle is opaque. 
I don't think I have gotten to using half of the bottle so it still looks pretty full.

I love the pump! It dispenses the right amount of product and is hygienic. :)


blended with fingers. 
As you can see I only used a tiny bit of the product to cover the back of my hand. 

Scent - It has a faint distinct scent which does not bother me. I find most foundations have a signature scent to them anyway. 
Coverage - Medium to Heavy.
Consistency - I would say that it has a rather thick consistency compared to other foundations I have tried. 
Finish - Dewy.

Application - While the product may seem to be a bit thick it goes on smoothly and is  very easy to spread and apply. I use my fingers when I'm lazy and I use a brush when I want a more flawless finish. 

- Covers imperfections such as scars, freckles, blemishes, etc.
- Also covers my pores.
- Photogenic foundation - Takes wonderful photos! :p Yes, it will make your skin look flawless in pictures!
- No breakouts or irritations.
- Hygienic pump bottle!
- Gives a natural & dewy finish.

- May be hard to buy/acquire. I ordered mine online.
- After 4 hours or so my skin starts to get oily with this foundation.
- Limited color selection.
- This foundation breaks. :/ I don't know if you are familiar with it but after long hours of wear it does break on my forehead like MAC foundations do. :(
- May be expensive.


I would say that this is a great foundation! I really like how it makes my skin glow and radiant in pictures. :p
It is also very easy to apply. I have read reviews that say that this is light weight, however I find that there are lighter foundations currently on the market. 

Application is a breeze. As I said, I sometimes use my fingers and I usually don't use a concealer when I use this foundation because it pretty much does a very good job at concealing skin imperfections.

I have read reviews that say that this is a very natural looking foundation but I beg to disagree. It will look cakey if you pile it on and will break after long hours of wear.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kiehl’s Ultimate White Intensive Whitening Essence - skincare diary

Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions - Intensive Whitening Essence.

I  tried to look for this at Kiehl's site and couldn't find it so I asked if this was an Asia exclusive product. Kiehl's Philippines informed me through their Facebook account that this was known as The Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White in the US, and is also known as the Photo Age Corrector.

With a lightweight texture that dissolves quickly & deeply into skin Formulated with powerful whitening actives Remarkably reduces over-production of melanin & other skin impurities Minimizes appearance of dark spots & pigmentation Reveals a brighter, whitened & more transparent complexion. (source)

I like the cap because it's hygenic. The pump also dispenses the right amount of product. :)

1. Swatch.
2. Lightly patted and spread on.
3. Done! :3


AM - I apply this before I put on Dr. Young Sprinkling Gel Cream (moisturizer) then proceed to applying on sunblock and makeup.
PM - I apply this before I put on Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate I then use L'Occitane Divine Cream and massage and pat everything until it is absorbed.


- Light weight and non-sticky. 
- Easily absorbed by the skin.
- Can be used in conjunction with other products.
- OMG I love the scent! It smells so fresh.. Like citruses with a tinge of cinnamon..? (Please correct me if I am wrong.)
- Love the packaging! - the pump + the cap is amazing and hygienic.
- Instant brightening effect after the application.
- Your skin will look fresh and you will also feel fresh because of the scent. :p


- Might be expensive to some.
- An extra step to skincare so not recommended for lazy people out there. 


I actually bought this product because I loved the scent. I was previously given a sample of this when I purchased from Kiehl's and I knew I just had to get this. The texture is light weight and it easily gets absorbed by the skin upon application. It makes my skin smoother & hydrated. Moreover, it instantly gives a brightening & radiant glow!

Sticky and heavy skincare products are definitely a big NO-NO for the summer season so I have to say that this is perfect for the weather we have here in the Philippines. 

I wouldn't say that this product has whitening properties as I do not see any difference in my skin tone although it does seem to effectively lessen scaring and pigmentation. So overall I would say that this is a good product! And, I love it!!! <3 (Yes, it must be the scent but I still love it!)

Would you use heavy creams and skincare products for summer?
Do you also use a serum or an essence?