Saturday, September 22, 2012

Snapshots - a glimpse here and there, of this and that...

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney
Taking random shots inside a moving vehicle.

Close up of makeup on this post.
Hair still in curlers. LOL! :P

Bruschetta at Italianni's. :3

The cutest faux leopard fur iPhone 4 case with an attitude that goes RAWR! :p
I recently discovered Eazy Fashion - they sell loads of cute stuff.

That moment iPhone messes up a picture, but makes it more interesting! 

Late afternoon brunch with a friend at Italianni's.

Butter London Yunmy Mummy Nail Lacquer.

Bar at TGI Friday's, Robinson's Place Malate Manila.
So colorful! Eating lunch alone and enjoying. :)

Collected the 4 Hello Kitty designs from Mc Donald's happy meal.
And yes, they do light up! 

Macarons from Parvati

Samanco fish shaped ice cream sandwich.
This has sweet red been paste and vanilla ice cream. The combination is super yummy!

Drinking tea like a fiend!!!
mangga (mango), matcha (green tea with milk) and pistacia (pistachio) from Oh, and glazed doughnuts from S&R.

“You'll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.” - Charles Chaplin
Johnny Rockets trademark smiley face with Ketchup on a plate.

Photos taken with an Apple iPhone4.
Edited with PhotoWonder and watermarked with PhotoMarkr.

BURBERRY Sheer Summer Glow

Burberry describes this as an effortless all-in-one highlighting compact. The Limited Edition face product was released with the "Iconic Nudes", Burberry's 2012 summer collection. I knew I just had to get my paws hands on it as soon as I saw it on blogs and the Burberry website.

I kind of figured that if I couldn't use it on my face, I'll just use it on my eyes when I blend out eyeshadows or highlight my blush or as a finishing powder, whichever the case may be. 

A summer glow that lasts all year round? Right... That's easy to achieve in a country like mine. However, for those of you who are from countries with a colder climate, I would suggest checking this powder out (if it's still on stock).

"Effortless" a word you will hear from Burberry's videos on YouTube again and again.  If you browse through their website, you will find that most of the shades are in the neutral family. I am under the impression that their makeup line is targeted towards a more natural but polished look, that well, just looks - effortless yet pretty!

Love the luxe packaging! Very Burberry indeed!
The compact is heavy gunmetal with the Burberry checkered pattern. Like all Burberry products, it has a magnetic closure. It also comes with this light Beige velvet pouch. (Blushes come in a darker velvet pouch.)

Embossed Burberry checkered print. :3 

1 - Bronze with gold and mahogany undertones
2 - Light beige
3 - Peachy champage pink
4 - Neutral cream with golden undertones

Swatched on NC25-30 skin. I would like to caution those with deeper skin tones that this might not show up on your skin and might just work like a finishing powder.

The number 3 shade was the hardest to swatch as it worked more as a highlights that blended perfectly on my skin.

  • Glowing-natural finish that looks like skin, only healthier. True to its name, it imparts a radiant and wonderful glow as if you've just been kissed by the sun on a wonderful summer day. 
  • Goes on very sheer and subtle. One must use the right kind of brush and build up the product. I suggest using a dense powder or blush brush. I have two blushes from Burberry and their pigmentation is not as sheer as this is. I suppose this was meant to be used as a complexion enhancer rather than an actual face colour.
  • As previously stated, it goes on very sheer and it is almost impossible to over apply this product. If any fault at all, it would be that it might not show up on darker skin tones. 
  • Product does not come with an applicator which I don't mind because I rarely use applicators that come with products.
  • Powder is finely milled. Not chalky, and goes on smoothly. The texture is silky, soft and is almost buttery to the touch. Contains very fine shimmers that gives the luminous glow. The shimmers are however barely visible when applied. No chunks or glitter or anything like that. The shimmers in this palette are also not scratchy nor gritty.
  • Multi-tasking product. I use this an an eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and all over face bronzer. I suppose this can also be used as a finishing powder if you can't really get the colours to show up on your skin. I really don't think this can be used as a contour powder due to the shimmers on the palette.
  • Burberry products have a scent to them which I am not so fond of as it reminds me of grandmas and old stuff, but I don't hate it either.
  • Definitely, not cheap but I don't regret purchasing this as it's a wonderful multi-tasking product. It also comes with a lot of product and I don't think I'll ever hit pan on this. 

All colours blended together.  Natural Lighting.
This is actually more visible in real life than it is on this picture. Somehow, the camera somehow managed to wash out the golden-bronze glow.

Close up. 
As you can see from the picture above, the powder has a sheen to it. It is however will not make you look like a walking disco ball. The shimmers as previously stated are very subtle and are not as visible, unless of course you try to look for them one by one.

Picture taken indoors, with flash.
The finish is satin like and almost disappears and looks like skin that's more luminous. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

BECCA Line + Define Pencil in SANTORINI

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I have been completely hooked to the brand, BECCA. This started when I tried their beach tint in Raspberry. I constantly buy an item to test whenever I pass by their counter. :3

BECCA says: A combination liner and brightener in one, this convenient dual-ended pencil has a soft, smooth texture that glides on easily to line, define and brighten the eyes while blending easily. The dark side of BECCA's Line & Define Pencil lavishly lines while the light side helps brighten and awaken tired eyes for a vibrant and youthful effect.

BECCA also says that this is suitable for sensitive eyes - dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Artist's tips:
  • - Line the inner rims of the eyes or the inner corners of the eyes with the flesh toned side of the pencil to make eyes "pop"
  • - Highlight the brow bone by smudging the lighter shade beneath the brows, then blending, or apply to your upper lid to intensify eye shadow color
  • - Define the lash line and outer corners of the eyes with the darker side of the pencil
  • - Enhance eye color by blending the two shades together midway along the lash line
  • - Apply the light side of the pencil above your lip line to plump the appearance of lips.

You're probably thinking, why didn't she sharpen it before taking pictures? I actually like to keep the tip of this pencil short as it's too creamy and I find it breaks when the tip is long. 

Buff - a neutral/skin-toned shade.
I have long searched for a shade that would be a bit lighter than my skin tone without being too white and this is just the perfect colour as it brightens the eyes without being unnatural.

Navy - A deep Navy blue. 
True to its name, Navy is a dark blue and is great for lining and defining the eyes. I wanted a dark blue eyeliner for quite a while now, since Black tends to be a bit harsh sometimes.

Buff and Navy swatched

Notice how creamythe eyeliners are..? Both shades go on smoothly, do not tug nor drag when applied.  However, these can be a bit too creamy and take a while to dry. Which is not entirely a bad thing, if you want to blend or smoke out your eyeliner. Because, both shades are ever so creamy, it is not hard to break the tip of the pencil. 

Staying power
These stay for hours and hours when set with an eyeshadow. As these are creamy and take a while to dry, it may crease when not set with an eyeshadow and may even bleed.

Colour payoff
Both colours are very pigmented. As with most BECCA products the colour can be layered to achieve the desired opacity.

This can also be used as a base or worn alone as an eyeshadow. The lighter colour can be used to highlight certain areas of the face, like under the arch of the eyebrows, cupids bow, etc.. The formula as previously stated is creamy and blendable. Do note however that because these are very easy to blend, over blending is possible and you might end up erasing what you just applied.
Use a light hand when applying and a lighter hand if possible when blending. :p

Here's a video from Zuneta demonstrating how to use the line + define pencil. 

Overall, I do not regret buying this eyeliner. For the price however, I somewhat expect better performance. It's still a nice addition to my current stash of eyeliners as I have neither of the shades in the pencil. If you want to buy, I would suggest that you test it at a counter to see if you like it before you splurge. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NARS JOIE DE VIVRE - Nordstrom Exclusive Cheek Palette

I know, I fail at swatching products most of the time, but I have fun trying and sharing the swatches on my blog so I still give it a go. I hope these swatches would be useful for someone out there. This palette is limited edition and is probably no longer available at Nordstrom. If you're lucky, you can still find it online. Also, it can be used as a reference for buying individual blush colors.

Thank you to my all time favorite enabler, the ever pretty and sweet, Blair for giving me a go signal and enabling me to purchase this palette! :3

This is an exclusive and Limited edition cheek palette. It contains 6 cheek colors composed of blushers, a highlighter and a bronzer. Each pan contains 3.5g/0.12oz of product.

For those who are curious where I got the palette, I bought it from the carefree shopper at Multiply. Armie, the shop's owner even sent me a mini Super Orgasm blush as a freebie! I will try to post and swatch it next time. :)
No surprise here, NARS' signature black rubbery packaging which I label as a dust magnet. :) The back of the palette contains the names/labels. While I label it a dust-magnet it is sleek, portable and easy to travel with. I also like that it has a large mirror. :D

NARS blushes need no introduction as they are very popular. Known for their great colour payoff and lasting power. (of course everyone complains about their dust magnet packaging too! LOL!) 
Most of the blushes on this palette are shimmery/shiny or have a sheen. Angelika contains chunks of glitter like Super Orgasm. The other colours might look scary in the pan but I found all easy to apply and blend.

I own a few NARS blushes and a full sized Albatross. There seems to be a slight difference between           the texture as the blushes I have are more soft and a bit more pigmented. These blushes however, are not a pain to work with, not as gritty nor rough as some blushers are, and the colour is buildable after a layer or two. 


Albatross- Luminous glow
A pearl highlight with golden shimmers. It can be used on top of blushers, the c-zone, below the arch of the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eyes. This shade will probably go well with most skin tones. I have a full-size of this product and I quite like it. Be careful and use a light hand when applying though, as you may end up looking like a disco ball.(I will be posting a separate review and more swatches of Albatross.)

Laguna - Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer.
Another cult favorite. I haven't gotten around to trying this as a contour powder but it works wonderfully as a bronzer. Yes, it contains shimmers but the shimmers just give a sheen and are not too overpowering or anything like that. Like Luster, this gives a wonderful glow. I am not sure if this would work for darker skin tones but I would recommend this to those with fair to medium skin tones.
This colour needs a few layers to show up, but that's okay rather than have a scary and overpowering bronzer, I prefer something that is more sheer.

Albatross and Laguna

Luster - Sheer golden apricot
Apricot with a tinge of peach. Looks rather scary in the pan but looks wonderful once applied and blended on the skin. Of all the colours in the palette this was the easiest to work with. The pigmentation and texture is similar to my full sized NARS blushes.
This gives a luminous and pretty finish when applied to the skin - like a highlighter and blush in one. This gives a healthy glow, like you've been just kissed by the sun. Of all the colours in this palette, this is probably the most universal as it would compliment anyone.

Angelika - Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle.
I wouldn't say that this is Cotton candy Pink as it seems a bit dark to be in the cotton candy shade range. It's a hot pink with more Fuchsia and has tons of glitters in it. Yes, glitters! Not sparkles. But the glitters rub off and disappear and go elsewhere when applied on the cheeks. Do note that shimmer/sparkles/glitters might enhance large pores. This blush is perfect for days you want a pop of colour on your cheeks or when you're just feeling like you're extra pale. This will look flattering and won't look like you've just piled on a ton of blush with the right brush. ;) 
I initially thought that this would be similar with Gaeity but it isn't. It is a lot darker and has more glitter than Gaeity. 

Luster and Angelika

Gaeity - Bright candy pink
Now this is a cool cotton candy pink. While it may look scary in the pan, it goes on wonderfully. I have read reviews that said they found this shade a bit chalky but I really like how it applies and think that it really needs that amount of powder because of its color. 
This is very flattering on my skin and somehow looks natural. As much as I love pink blushes, there are those that make me look more yellow. I find that this blush doesn't do that so I truly adore it! 

Orgasm - Peachy pink with golden shimmer
A shade I don't personally own as I am one of the few persons who does not look good with this blush on. I thought I should give it another go and hope that things work out now haha! I don't think the ever so popular Orgasm needs an introduction as everyone is already familiar with it.

Gaeity and Orgasm

I didn't swatch these heavily. I swatched all the products with 1 swipe so you can see the real colour payoff of each:
Albatross, Gaeity, Luster,  Laguna, Orgasm and Angelika
swatched indoors. natural lighting.

outdoors. natural lighting.

I am very satisfied and happy with this purchase. My favourite shades are Luster and Gaeity.
I still have a couple of NARS reviews I will post soon but I suppose I ought to post about other brands too.

What's your current favourite blush? :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

NARS Kabuki Yachiyo Brush

"Inspired by traditional Japanese beauty rituals Kabuki Theather, the Kabuki Artisan Brushes meld heritage with modernity, in both concept and function. The multi-functional design of the Kabuki Yachiyo Brush, with its tapered dome head, makes it excellent for defining cheekbones, highlighting the complexion, and blending and diffusing color on or around the eye area."

I originally wanted to buy the whole 2011 NARS Holiday brush set. Due to my laziness however, I've never gotten around to doing it. I did not think anyone would buy the last set, really.. I always thought that the set would wait for me... I now realize that I am wrong and I regret not purchasing it when I had a chance to. ( I hope NARS releases a new Kabuki brush set this Holiday. Hohoho! :P I will surely purchase when they do.)

The curious shape was what got me interested in this brush. I find that while it is the lightest of all the brushes I have, it applies blushes and highlighters with utmost precision. And it's feather-like weight actually helps in the application of products as it just glides on the surface. The unique handle also allows the brush to be flexible to an extent which would help the used apply products with ease.

I have tried using small circular and sideway motions with this brush to see what works best when I use it. Both methods work well though. The tapered end allows a more precise application for highlight and contour products. 
One thing that is unique with this brush is the handle, which is made from hand-spun wisteria.
Google told me that wisteria is a vine. I have not seen one, but it seems to be very durable. One concern I had was how it would hold out after washing, because I was afraid of ruining the brush. I have had this for months now and I can say, that fall out is minimal. I did not experience any bleeding too. Of course I try not to get the handle wet if I could get away with it.

Bristles are made from Pen Super Goat hairs.
I have no idea what a super goat is, but upon Googling it I found a site that said that is deemed most effective for powder pick up and deposit on the skin.
The bristles soft but are not the softest that I have encountered, it is soft enough not to irritate my skin nor feel scratchy. The brush as I have previously stated pick up the right amount of product every time I use it. This works well especially with pigmented products that are hard to sheer out. Everyone who has this brush will tell you that it picks up the right of product every time and while I was skeptical about it, I was surprised to find out that it is indeed true!
This brush is also effective in applying highlighters to the face as it sheers it out to an almost natural finish with a healthy sheen, effectively eliminating the dreaded disco ball effect. LOL! x)
I haven't tried to use this to blend out eyeshadows as I find the head a bit too big to work around my tiny eye area. I can say thought that this can also be used to apply finishing powder to the t-zone and specific areas of the face.

The only downside to this brush is the price. Yes, it's an investment but I would say that it is definitely worth it. If I had to, I would re-purchase the brush again. I actually wouldn't mind buying a set with another Yachiyo brush in it. If you are looking for a good cheek and highlighter brush and have the money to spend do try this brush out. I highly recommend it. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OOTD: A splash Ube & icetea

Attending a 40th wedding anniversary and wearing Violet at the Diamond Hotel, because I love Kohikan's Ube (Taro) enseymada. :p While the pictures below were not taken at the event I attended, I took pictures at the coffee shop because I ate said enseymada. 

I usually don't post OOTDs, because:
1. I never follow trends. I usually wear whatever I like.
2. I stick to basics. If you open my closet, most of my clothes are basically in the same color family, though there are times that I buy dresses/outfits other than monotonous colours just because I find them pretty.
3. I don't accessorize as much as other people do.
4. I own less than 10 pairs of shoes. 

With all the reasons stated above, I honestly think that I don't make a good fashion blogger. I just dress in clothes that I think look good on me and I am comfortable with. (If you've noticed I also wear the same makeup every time.)

More pictures... Please proceed with caution:

Dress - (see picture and description below from their website.)
Shoes - Forever 21
Accessories - Swarovski and Tiffany & Co.
Bag - Louis Vuitton

I apologize for wearing the same accessories every time I do an Outfit of the Day Post. I usually just stick to what I have or what's readily available. 
VALERIA DRESS (VIOLET) One-shoulder satin dress with ruching

All of Shop Luca's clothes are very comfortable to wear. The fabrics they use are soft and silky. I think I may need to get more as I have already worn all the dresses I ordered from them. I love how their dresses fall down and how they look when I wear them. Although I just order the medium size which is a bit loose in some areas for me.

Diamond Hotel Ballroom.

Must stop by Diamond's Kohikan for pastries and the all time favorite ube enseymada! :)

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the Ube ensaymada. Next time I will try to remember to take a picture before I eat it all up. LOL! x) Maybe I ought to dedicate a whole post to it in the future. I'll just end this post with a picture of me and a glass of ice tea. :)