Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paul & Joe, Kiehl's and Chanel + Majolica Majorca Price List

Hi everyone.

I have received a few queries about this on my Facebook and email so I thought I might as well try to be helpful. I know many of you are curious on Majolica Majorca's price range so I asked Miss Ina , Marketing Coordinator for the Masstige group in Luxasia (Philippines) for the list of prices. I hope you ladies find this helpful in deciding what to buy. =P

Majolica Majorca is Shiseido's sister company - the latter however, offers products that are more high end. My mother uses Shiseido and I can verily say that their products are of great quality. Nonetheless, the quality of Majolica Majorca is also very good, if not at par with Shiseido. =P Of course the uber pretty packaging is always a plus! IMO anyway. LOL!


      Rouge Majex 495.00
      Honey Pump Gloss Neo 295.00


      Pressed Pore Cover 895.00
      Pressed Pore Cover Refill 595.00
      Skin Remaker Pore Cover SPF18 895.00
      Skin Lingerie Pore Cover 695.00
      Cheek Customizer 495.00


      Mascara 795.00
      Jeweling Eyes ES Quad 795.00
      Majolook Trick on Powder Quad 795.00
      Majolook Eyeshadow Quad 795.00
      Eyeshadow Customize 295.00
      Jeweling Pencil 795.00
      Perfect Automatic Liner 695.00
      Brow Customize 295.00
      Eyes Reset Gel 695.00

     Artistic Nails (Top&Base) 225.00
     Artistic Nails (Gloss&Quick Dry) 225.00
     Artistic Nails (Speedy&Glossy) 225.00
     Artistic Nails (Jewel) 225.00

     Custom Assist (Cheek Brush) 150.00
     Custom Assist (Tip and Brush) 150.00
     Brow Customize (Holder) 225.00
     Skin Remaker Case 2 450.00
     Customize Case 1 295.00

Spring 2011 Collection
     Pressed Pore Cover 2011 895.00
     Puff de Cheek PK301 795.00
     Puff de Cheek OR302 795.00
     Puff de Cheek PK303 795.00
     Puff de Cheek 82 795.00
     Jeweling Eyes PK330 795.00
     Jeweling Eyes BR631 795.00
     Lash Extreme Fash Plus BR666 795.00
     Cream Pencil Liner BK999 595.00
     Cream Pencil Liner BR611 595.00

Summer 2011 Collection
     Aurora Tear Liner BL 595.00
     Aurora Tear Liner PK 595.00
     Majoromantica 995.00

For international readers who might be curious anything that's below 500 pesos is under $10 and 1,000 pesos is around $20 more or less. =)

I also have a mini haul for everyone...

I finally caved in and bought--

Paul and Joe's Blush in 07, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. 

I previously acquired a sample of Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate and liked it. :P
My youngest sister who goes through my dresser whenever she's bored spilled it and said, "I'M JUST A BABY!!!!" DON'T GET MAD!" (She either says that or, "Duddy will give you money to buy ... DON'T GET MAD or I'll tell on you and Duddy's going to be really upset." FML.) To make the long story short - I picked up the bottle. I think it was around 2,800Php and the SA was super nice and gave me samples! <3 I wish I could remember the name of the SA because she was extremely helpful but my memory with people's names is very bad. >o<" 

One thing I really love about Kiehl's is how generous they are with samples. I have, for so many times bought so many products that failed to work and they end up unloved. At least with Kiehl's I can test their products and just pick out the ones that work for me. 

What are your recent purchases? Do share! ^___^

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tony Roma's

Hello everyone! :) Some of you may be familiar with Tony Roma's since I think they have branches everywhere.

I have always liked eating at Tony Roma's. :P I always end up ordering their chicken barbecue because I absolutely love it!!!

complimentary bread. :3
Notice how I always like taking pictures of complimentary bread? LOL! :P

My sister and my mom. :)

House salad - I forgot what's it called. :P

Onion rings. :3

A little of everything in one platter. Super yummy!! x)

dessert! <3

Randomly taking pictures and ignoring other diners. :P


I should stop posing like this. 

I recommend the place for the following reasons:
- The place is really cozy/comfy.
- Service is great.
- Food tastes wonderful!!! :D

However, it may not be very budget friendly especially to those who do not want to spend money for dining out. Otherwise, I highly recommend ! =)

Do you guys also like barbecue? :3 I also have a mini haul but I'll just post it tomorrow or the day after. ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Philosophy - Purity made simple (skincare diary)

Hi everyone! This was previously requested by Melanie of Beauty meets Kawaii. :3 I love her tips & posts. Please don't forget to visit her blog.

I have been using this for less than a month. I previously received a sample of this and I bought this product when I used the sample up. I think it's about time to give this a product review.

I bought mine from Beauty Bar for 1,350Php or around $30.

No, I didn't consume this much product on my own - my sister also uses this cleanser.

The packaging is simple and clean. I quite like it.

 The consistency is silky and milky.

The SA told me that this could be used on its own without water as a cleanser. I have tried it and I felt refreshed afterwards. 
It claims that it is a time saving product which - removes makeup, cleanses the skin, tones and moisturizes. Overall I would say that it pretty much does everything it claims. Although you may have to rub to get off water proof makeup. However, I use a separate makeup remover so I don't resort to doing that.

This cleanser has a mild-clean scent which I like - makes me feel relaxed after a long day and wakes me up in the morning. 


1. This product can be applied on dry face with wet hands or dry face and hands. I tend to splash my face with water first then I dispense a pea sized amount of this product.
2. I massage it to my face and leave it for a few minutes so it gets rid of makeup and dirt.
3. I rinse with lukewarm water. :3

- Did not break me out.
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- Leaves my skin clean and supple.
- Does not sting or irritate my eyes.
- Does not dry out skin like other facial foams/soaps;
- Moisturizing.

- Pricey.
- A pump would be very much appreciated.
- Might not remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup. 
- Does not have anti-aging benefits. :P

I will definitely buy this when it runs out. :3 I think the pros of this product outweighs the cons and are rather insignificant IMO. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Random pictures I took while I was on the North Luzon Expressway. Both photos were shot inside a moving vehicle. :3

Have a great week everyone! :3

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Real Thing Diner @ Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato

Last night we had dinner at The Real Thing Diner at Il Terazzo in Tomas Morato. This is a popular destination among foodies I suppose as you can probably google it and see many blogger reviews on it.

Yes, it is Coca Cola inspired. :3 Hence, the name is a tag line of one of Coke's commercials a while back.

Inside the diner.

More pictures.

What the interiors look like.

 I ended up looking at this display stand.

I think its the polar bear that attracted me to this stand. x)

hi cute coca-cola polar bear. :3

mini coke bottles.

Coke collector's item.

Coke memorabilia. I obviously chose this one due to the shape
which is kind of rounded and cute. :3

Enky says Bea gets featured on my blog more so my baby is being extra-cooperative 
with pictures. 

Sweet Strawberry Milkshake 

Sarsi Float

 Cinnamon Snifter

Coca-Cola Eggnog

Cherry Coke

Sarsi Fish 'n Chips
 8 O'Clock Chicken

Tru-Orange Porkchop

NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - Ginger Sprite Tiger Prawns

Most of their food is marinated in Coke, Sprite and Royal Tru Orange even Eight o' clock. =)

I usually do not like to complain on my blog, however in this case I can say that the place is overrated. The food was flat and too bland for my liking. But hey, it could just be me right? The price is reasonable, cheap even. Food presentation is also great, but I don't think I'll be going back. 

Also for some reason the server failed to take down my order of Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs, hence I ended up eating pasta at Jack's Loft downstairs. Jack's Loft is <3!! :P I could finish 2 aquarium iceteas in one sitting; their cheesecakes are divine but I forgot to take pictures because I was hungry.

By the way sister Enky was featured in Power Plant Mall's Sartorial Friday 03.11.11 + 03.18.11
You can check their Facebook page HERE.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

♥ Paul & Joe Lipstick N - 11 (Golden Camel)

As requested - I'm trying to be a better blogger. :)

I have long been looking for a neutral shade that wouldn't wash me out or make me look like a zombie because nude lippies tend to do that to me... When I went to Paul & Joe last week, Marlon, assisted me in choosing a lipstick that would suit my wants. I ended up picking Lipstick N - 11 in Golden Camel.

My verdict? I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS LIPSTICK! I'm either going to wear lip stains or this for summer season. :3 Just because I think the color is perfect for summer!

Product Description

Paul & Joe Beaute's Lipstick is a smooth, creamy formula that supplies intense pigment while hydrating to improve smoothness and suppleness. Botanicals such as jojoba seed oil and olive oil condition and soften the lips, leaving them silky smooth. The rich color glides on without damaging or drying the lips, resulting in a sleek, drenched appearance. Golden Camel 11 is a shimmering golden shade. (Taken from Amazon)

More pictures! x)
polyglyceryl-10 decaisostearate, triisostearate, polyglyceryl-2 tetraisostearate, diisostearyl malate, triethylhexanoin, hydrogenated polyisobutene, ethylene//Propylene copolymer, isotridecyl isononanoate, synthetic wax, polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate, calcium aluminum borosilicate, citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) flower water, lilium candidum bulb extract, olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil, prunus armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil, simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, barium sulfate, BHT, butylen

I super love the packaging/case of this lipstick! 
Pretty things must cam whore too. :P

So pretty and intricate. :3 
I believe it is worth what I paid for! x)

This is my new 
Pack Size - 3.2g/0.11oz

Such a pretty color! :3 I'm glad I picked this up.

I would say that this is a Milk-tea color with Pink undertones and Golden shimmers in it. :3 (Must stop myself from raving. >.< ) The shimmers are very subtle and look wonderful. (This won't make your lips look like a disco ball - Nah.... *shakes head sideways)

  • I LOVE THE PAKAGING! x) I cannot reiterate that enough so prepare yourselves as I review more P&J products hahaha!
  • Texture - I love how creamy and light the lipstick feels. Like butter without the fat. :P 
  • Comfortable and long wearing. 
  • Nourishing - can be worn alone without a lip balm
  • Conditions and makes lips soft! :3
  • Chic, vintage-inspired packaging
  • I love the color! It's so wearable. 

Dislikes (Quite hard to think of since I really like this product) :
  • No SPF...?
  • May be a bit pricey to some ladies.
  • Only available at Rustan's Makati. Sorry international readers. I heard P&J was hard to get outside Asia too.

Additional Thoughts:
  • IMHO, Paul & Joe lipsticks are not as pigmented as other lipsticks - I do like it because the colors are buildable and not over powering. Again, it is a perfect lipstick for summer and spring! :P
  • P&J makes me feel glamorous from the packaging to the product itself and makes me look glamorous too! 
  • I wouldn't say this is long wearing but it lasts. This won't stain the lips and I like that it doesn't. It needs to be re-applied after eating but stays on, for quite a long time. Yes it is long wearing, just don't drink or eat. :3

Overall I am more than satisfied with my purchase. I am going back to get the blush in #07 because it was out of stock the last time I went there. =) Look for Marlon, he is super helpful & friendly!  I think they have an on going promo up to the end of April. :3 Will post more next time. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Do you love Paul & Joe? ^-^ Have you tried anything from them?