Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casa Roces - Food Glorious Food!!! :D

I drove past Aguado Street a week or so ago and saw a beautiful well-lighted mansion which immediately arose my curiosity. The parking was full of cars - a good sign. I immediately googled it when I got home and found out that it was a restaurant. I made a mental note to eat there soon...

We were seated in the waiting area because we did not have reservations. Casa Roces accepts walk-in diners like us, YAY! :)
I do recommend that you make reservations, especially if you're coming in at peak hours. 

Sopa Molo Castillana 185Php

Pinakbet with Vigan Bagnet 195Php 

Pork Stew Binagoongan 265Php

Callos ala Abolita 260Php

Fettuccine with Bleu Cheese and Roasted Mushrooms 185Php

Lengua in Mushroom-Cognac Sauce 330Php (Not included in the pictures.)

NOTE: My family is really uncooperative when taking food pictures; even most of my friends are.:(

We went to the patio for coffee and dessert. :)

 Chocolate Pastillas Cake 150Php

Dulce de Leche 110Php

I asked the staff if I could take pictures and they were all cooperative and nice about it. Plus points in my book! :)

The place sort of reminds me of my great grand mother's house in Jaen, Nueva Ecijia. An old spanish house that has been stylishly remodeled to cater to the needs of the diners whilst retaining the air of the old fashioned Spanish mansion.

One can order cakes and sandwiches to go here. 

Random photos:

The place was bustling with diners, though I tried not to get any of them in the pictures. Next time, I shall take pictures of the 2nd floor.

All prices have been stated for your reference. :) We think that the prize is fair for the quality of the food. It is not as expensive as other places but is still not the cheapest. But then again that would depend on one's discretion on how much she/he is willing to spend for food. I still say it's worth it! :P

I really liked everything we had except for the Pinakbet. Everything was tender, rich and seasoned and cooked just right; not overly done so, unlike in some restaurants which I will no longer mention. The pinakbet's vegetables were cooked to perfection, but tasted a bit different from what I have gotten used to. 

Overall, I enjoyed the dining at Casa Roces. I will be back very soon, like maybe tomorrow or the weekend, or maybe as much as I frequent Mr. Kebab. I have to try their Crispy Lengua Salad, Grilled Pork Ribs, Laguna Cheesecake and Malacanan Frozen Souffle. 

We got there by walking, LOL! They do have valet parking so do not fret. We just preferred to walk since it's very near where I live. 

  • Casa Roces
  • 1153 JP Laurel cor Aguado St. San Miguel
  • Manila, Philippines

Tel. No. 735-5896

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tinypinkbow Accessories Review :)

Before reviews start to pile up again and make me feel guitly for not posting sooner. :3

The accessories below are from the Tinypinkbow. Owner/blogger MissKatV contacted me to sponsor a giveaway on my blog. She was kind enough to send me a bracelet to try out and I also ordered some pieces just because I think they're super cute.

Bracelet on the right was sent for revier - thank you Kat! :)
LINK to my tinypinkbow giveaway.

All Tinypinkbow accessories come in this tiny hand-sewn pink bag.

My Ddung doll insists on having her picture taken with such cute stuff.

I had the silver charms replaced with yummy charms just because they are cute and I wanted to see what it would look like. The silver charms can be detached from the pearl band; so if you order other colors you can interchange the pearl bands to match your outfits. The band would retain its shape even if it's already detached. The bracelet seems durable. :) 
The only thing I dislike about this bracelet is the latch. While it might be caused by my long nails or big fingers, I found it a challenge to remove and lock the same in place.

 This is my favorite among the stuff  I got! Although I won't really be wearing it anywhere, anytime soon because I'm afraid that the charms would get deformed or lost though they seem well made and durable. All the yummy charms are handcrafted and made with loads of TLC.

Macro mode so you can see how cute the charms are! :3

I ordered these earrings for my little sister.

My dad says my little sister is an angel. (Grimaces)

If not for those doe-eyes she would pass for my sister. LOL!

I also ordered these pretty pearl-like earrings. :3

The design is very girly and pretty. Again, I struggle with the clasps of these earrings; that aside, I find no other faults in the accessories. I will attribute the problem to my overgrown nails and fat fingers. :)

I was actually surprised at how affordable the accessories are. If you haven't please do check out the Tinypinkbow if you like any of the accessories you see above. :)

Don't forget to use my code, "sugarsugar" to get a free gift each time you make a purchase. Nah, I won't be getting commissions or earning any money, but you will get a free gift if you do! <3

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Paul & Joe Eye Color B in 003 Tranquility (Review, Swatch & EOTD)

I thought I ought to be posting this because the fall 2011 collection will be released soon! I have had this for a while now and if you go through my FOTDs, you will notice that I tend to use this eyeshadow a lot.

Paul & Joe's signature elegant compact/case/packaging in baby blue.

SRP - 1,250.00 Php
Some people might be put off by the tag prize but it just depends on one's preference. :) I only picked out the one I thought I would use the most. The other colors from the 2011 summer collection are Blue and Lavander.

I messed up the swirly pattern. :3
The pattern goes on till the bottom of the pan but it will get mixed and messed up with the constant use.

Paul & Joe Eye Color B in 003 Tranquility
Product Description:
Browns, gold, and yellows blend for a calm, cool, and casual effect.

While it is recommended to swirl the applicator to get all the colors to blend together, I am sometimes guilty of just swiping it.(Hello laziness!) When the colors are blended together, it produces a taupe color which is more brown than it is grey. It has gold micro-shimmers which gives it a multi dimensional effect.

I tried to swatch all the colors. :)

Swatched. All the 3 colors blended together in one swipe. 
This is a more accurate swatch of the color.

Please note that colors may appear different due to the lighting.

I will be honest and say that I don't own many single eyeshadows as I prefer eyeshadow palettes that cater to my needs when it comes to eye makeup but well... I couldn't resist the swirly pattern! LOL! Kidding aside, I really like the color of this eyeshadow once it is applied on the skin.

It blends quite well and glides on quite easily although the texture isn't as creamy as some high end eyeshadows. But all that should matter is the application which I never had a problem with. I have applied this with brushes, my fingers and my sponge and the color payoff is great.

Fall out is tolerable. I suspect that this has something to do with the micro-shimmers but it isn't something that I would get bothered about as I have seen eyeshadows with more fall out. It does have micro shimmers. Please note that the shimmers won't make your eye look like a disco ball and is safe enough to be worn out for daytime looks.

It does not crease nor fades on my eyes but I don't have oily eyelids and always use a primer or base before I apply my eyeshadows.

Overall, I'm glad I purchased this product and am excited for the fall collection!!! <3

EOTD with guest pimple. :P

- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese

- Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo Secret D'Or (01)

- Paul & Joe Eye Color B in 003 Tranquility

- Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

- Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Black
-Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner - Brown

If you can pick only one eyeshadow color what would you choose?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tinypink bow kawaii bracelets + FOTD

Bracelets are from Tinypinkbow.

I am going to review these bracelets but have decided to post pictures with the bracelets on first. I also ordered a couple of earrings which I will post about  next time. ;)

Customized charm bracelet.

I have a Tinypinkbow giveaway here. Please do join if you haven't. :)
Thanks Kat for sponsoring the giveaway and for letting me try out the bracelet too!

Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer
Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation # 30
- Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01
- MAC - Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist
-Candy Doll Blush in Strawberry Pink
- Paul & Joe - Face Color - Love (7)
- Benefit Highbeam 

- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese
- UDPP Original
- Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Junkshow and Vanilla.
- Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in Black
- K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner24h in Super Black
- Tony Moly Backstage Eyeliner - Brown

- Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Lip Liner in 04
Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss 01 Glam Pink
NYX Matte Lipstick in Angel 

Picture taken with WEcam an application with an Iphone 4. I think this is more accurate than the pictures above because the colors have been washed out due to the lighting. :P

I have about 12 pimples which you probably don't see but are there! Believe me... >.<" Most of the pimples are on my chin and neck and there are about 3 on my face. And I am actually trying to hide the pimples that's why I was posing like that in the pictures above. LOL!!! xD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01

Hi!!! :)

I realize it's been quite a while since I last posted. :P Sorry, I've been too preoccupied with other stuff. Anyway, I'm back haha! :)

I need to go through my backlog folder and post some new posts. I have also discovered a new restaurant just a block away from where I live. O.o I haven't tried eating there yet but I will very soon! It's called Cafe Roces. Has anyone tried eating there yet?

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Moisturizing & Long Lasting in 01

SRP - 2,598.00 Php

Comes in an elegant and beautiful round compact. 

The pan is quite big - there appears to be a lot of product inside.


Swatch on NC30 skin.

This is the first bronzer that I bought and have kept because I like the healthy glow that it gives my skin. It gives a sun-kissed glow without being overly done so. I also use this for contouring as it is not to shimmery like some bronzers are.

The powder is finely milled and goes on smoothly. It is easy to blend - it blends so well that one may think that she needs to apply some more but it shows up in pictures so please do take note of that.

I wish Guerlain included a brush since this one didn't come with any applicator. Overall I really like the it, although I cannot compare it to other ones since this is my first bronzer.

The only other downside I can think of is the price which some people may not be too keen on. 

PS : I have broken out so badly. :( I have never broken out like this for the past 5 years. I know I promised to do a drugstore makeup tutorial but please bear with me for a while longer.