Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Companions for those long and sleepless nights

Hello! This post is totally unrelated to makeup.

I picked all these stuff from Unimart this afternoon. I'm just one of those people who likes to eat while studying. I am just thankful I  because I never gain weight, no matter how terrible my eating habits are. :o/
I imagine me being a hippopotamus had it been not. 

Uhhh, yes, I'll start eating healthier a couple of years from now. But I really love junk food! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Cheese Popcorn
Kichi in Salt and vinegar
Pretz - Pizza
◕ ‿‿ ◕ 
♥ Strawberry
 ♥ Milk
♥ Banana 
٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

I actually bought the Pringles in Blueberry and Hazelnut but I left it in the car and it's probably in the province by now. :( I promise to give a full report on it once I tried it. LOL!

Sugar ◕ ‿‿ ◕

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Favorites

I can't believe that a month has gone by so fast. O.o 

So here's a compilation of the items that I really liked from the purchases I made this month. If you are a follower of my blog some of the items might be familiar,still, here is a recap of all the items that I am luvin' for the month of June:
24/7 Pencils 
Please refer to this link HERE for the review.

Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara
- is definitely living up to its promise! It lengthens and curls my short eyelashes without  clumping and smudging on me. :) The only problem is it's really had to get here since it's not locally sold. Plus, it's kind of pricey.  
EcoTools - BAMBOO 5 piece brush set
Errr... I know I owe you guys a review. >,< 
-Super soft! 
- Does not bleed nor shed.

- Does not prick my skin nor irritate my pores.
- Affordable.
- Environment friendly
I have used all the brushes and they lived up to my expectations. I know there are better brushes but I just love these! I particularly like the kabuki, powder brush and blending brush. :3 Although I have read some negative reviews about the blending brush. I guess it's just a case of "each to her own." :)

- Hard to get in the Philippines.
- The cosmetic bag can be used for other purposes but not for storing the brushes as they don't fit in it. :/ If I force my brushes inside the bristles will get damaged and will loose their shapes, so NO-NO to the cosmetic bag. >o<"

Etude House Dear Darling Glass
-Don't get your hopes up yet. This gloss doesn't last as well as some high end brands do. I also don't think it will show up on anyone who has a medium to dark skin tone, but I simply adore the shimmer and its color. It also doesn't dry my lips although the color fades after a couple of hours or so.
The packaging is so-so but I definitely wasn't impressed with a scotch tape that was taped onto the cap. LOL! Well, it is cheap but that made it look a lot cheaper. :o/
If you're the kind of person who doesn't mind re-applying lipgloss every now and then, and if you are fair or have light skin tone and would want "princessy" glossy lips then feel free to check this one out. 

XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Here's my review.
MAC to the beach Hipness Blush and Splashing Lip Glass
I love the color of this blush! I know there are a lot of existing reviews as well as swatches of it that's why I won't review it anymore. 
I have fallen inlove with this blush when I saw its swatches on different blogs. It also didn't hurt that the packaging looked fresh and different. :)
My mom bought this for me along with the MAC eyeshadows ,but my youngest sister who doesn't like makeup at all, has suddenly mentally claimed this blush as hers. My mom says I should just give it to her since she doesn't have any makeup and she'll just buy another one for me but..... it's already out of stock. >o<" So now me and my lil sis share a co-ownership on this particular blush. LOL!
I have a review of the lipglass HERE.

What are the items that you currently like or would like to have in the future?

Sugar ^__^

Monday, June 28, 2010


Hi ladies! I want to spread the word that one of my favorite photographers in the Metro will be conducting an open shoot.
As I previously said in my other post, it doesn't hurt to have a glamorous photo to jazz up your Facebook page, to experience what it's actually like to be a model or just have a photo taken for fun!
The best part is you get to keep the pictures and show it to your friends and relatives. Plus, photos from open shoots can be used to build up your portfolio incase you're into modelling.

Who is Ash Castro and what's so special about him?

"Ash Castro's work is characterized by good color combination that makes his subjects more moving and alive even in stills.. The fashion-sensitive artist obviously deals with models and fashion designers, ensuring the atmosphere of good taste in clothes and chic posing during shoots. As the one who captures the images, he determines the best angles in freezing models and everything beautiful created by the good mix of colorful outfits, pretty make-ups, and stylish posing."
- YUGEL LOSORATA, MANILA BULLETIN, Lifesytle/Picture Perfect Section,Dec 09 2008 ISSUE

My take - Ash is just one of those persons who has an eye for beauty. It's so easy to work with him and he will surely make you feel comfortable. He'll even teach you how to pose. LOL! He's a perfectionist but he's down to earth and friendly.
I mean I have a photo taken by him, and I was smiling. O.o That usually doesn't happen with me. LOL! I tend to be really stiff when I get my photos taken because I am not photogenic. :p
He's also very professional. You probably have noticed by now that I love him, and yes, I'd have to agree because he's such a great person.

Please feel free to check out more photos by Ash HERE.

ICON-O-CHROME was featured in one of the country's leading news paper:



Models : Chynna Ortaleza, Ryza Cenon & Railey Valeroso
Clothes and Headpiece by : Kenneth Chua
Make-up by: Dino Lazaro
Hair by: DJ Mark Baquiran
Shoot assisted by: Evanz Evaristo


Outfits should be a combination of - Black+white, Black+Gray or Black+Gray+White.

Accessories and head pieces will be provided, but if there's something you would want to wear, please feel free to bring it with you.

Makeup Artists: 
Anton Patdu
Dino Lazaro
Nanan Villalba
- Please google their names and I assure you, you'll be amazed with their works.

Hair Stylists:

George Delfin

Deejay Mark Baquiran

Shoot will be assisted by:
Evanz Evaristo
- Eva is such a sweetheart and will surely boost your confidence and help you with the shoot.♥ ♥ ♥ 

To register please send your name & contact number to ashcastroproject
or text/call Cathy 0927.927.4667.

You may also register using the online registration form here :

Registration fee is 900php inclusive of Hair & Make-up and 2 soft copies of photos.

"Icon-O-Chrome" shoot runs from June 26-7, July 3-4, and 10-11
9am onwards at Mindbox Studio.

The Mindbox Studio is located at Unit 412, AIC Gold Tower, Emerald Avenue corner Sapphire Street, Ortigas City.
Infront Mcdonalds & Shell near Meralco Building. At the back of Robinsons Galleria

Twit of follow Ash Castro at for further updates regarding the shoot.

I am not affiliated nor am I paid to advertise, I just sincerely believe Ash Castro is one of the best, if not the best photographer around, so it's hard to pass up a deal like this.


Sugar♥ ♥ ♥ 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

REVIEW - Urban Decay Primer Potion, Midnight Cowboy, Swatches, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, etc...

Hi everyone! So this is going to be a looooonnngggg post mostly of me yaddahx2. x)
First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and for not being active as I used to be.
Classes have already started so I'm going to be a bit busier but I promise to update whenever my schedule allows me to.

Let's begin this post with the look I did when my sister went out last night:

So now my sisters always badger me before they go out and insist that I be the one to apply their makeups. :o/ Well, it's actually fine since I get to play and relax when I put makeup on them. x)
I applied blue eyeliner on top of the black eye liner to make her eyes pop. ^o^

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in W03 Apricot Sand
Coty Transluscent Air spun powder
MAC to the beach Hipness Blush
Benefit Highbeam

Mac ESCross-cultural
Mac ES Amber Lights
I also used a shimery beige from the 88 shimmer coastal scent pallete as a highlight and black as a contour
Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Prestige Eyeliner in Rhapsody
Etude House Tear drop liner white
She didn't want me to touch her eyebrows. LOL! I don't actually know what she uses on her brows either.

Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy
Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy

Also, I recently purchased some items from MAC.
Cross-Cultural and Amber Lights
These are my first eyeshadows from MAC since I have never really bothered much about the brand before. I stuck with neutral colors since it's safer. LOL!
The eyeshadows are very creamy and pigmented and are a good buy if you are looking for eyeshadows to invest in. :) These don't come cheap in the Philippines although my mom claims that they're already affordable. O.o Well, she uses Shu Uemera, Shisheido and Clarins. I guess it really is cheaper than those brands. :o/

I will do a seperate review on my other acquisition so I didn't include it here. For swatches of these eyeshadows please scroll down.

So on to the review/s:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
There have been some requests for a review of it although I'm quite sure that there are a lot of existing ones. :) I'm actually not much of an eyeshadow person. I rarely put eyeshadow on because I'm just too lazy but since everyone has one of these I thought it'd make a great addition to my makeup stash.
Plus since I already tried this, I can say that I don't want to use ES's without UDPP now.
The one I have is on the left side. I randomly grabbed this photo from the net since I forgot to take pictures of the products. 
Very creamy and glides on skin like butter

Anyway here's my take on it:

- Creamy
- makes eyeshadow application easier since the ES just glides after this is applied.
- makes colors stand/pop out.
- Cute packaging

- Quite pricey.
- Quickly dries and cakes if it isn't evenly spread out.
- I think I won't be able to get all the potion from the bottle once it's used up.
- Is it jusrt me or is everyone getting too much product from the wand applicator...? :/
Cross cultural and amber lights with another eyeshadow from Smashbox Classifeyed pallete. The first 3 are without primer and the other three on the right side have primer underneath. Notice the difference?
Without flash. Ok, there's definitely something wrong with me I should have placed the other swatch on the left side since it doesn't have any primer. Sorry. >o<" This look brighter and more colorfull in person. I don't know what's with the camera. 

This is my first eyeshadow primer and despite all the cons I have written about it, I'm still very happy with my purchase. :3

Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy
This is what it looks like but the camera made my skin look blue in this picture. O.O WTH!?!

This is a very sheer lippie. Yes, it's very creamy and does keep my dry lips moisturized without the help of a balm. However it's just too sheer.
I really wouldn't recommend purchasing this. It could work if you plan to layer it with another lipstick but on it's own it's really just barely there so unless
you really want to spend money on something that's just not worth it, I'd recommend that you skip this. Uhhh yeah, the packaging is really cute so this can probably be used as a display on your to go kits. LOL!

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy
Swatch. Swiped once.
Excuse my blue skin LOL! 
Excuse the silly duck lips. LOL! 
Can I just say that the packaging completely cracked me up? x) This didn't really amaze me. It's just like any lipgloss. It doesn't stay on me as well as MAC lip glasses do.
The color is too sheer to be used on it's own but is perfect for low maintenance looks as it looks natural. The color is Coral with a pink glow but I'd say it's mostly coral.
The scent as is claimed by many bloggers is really yummy! This is definitely not for you if your the kind of person who eats her lippie. This can also be used with your favorite coral lipstick to give it more shine.

 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero  
I haven't sharpened it yet. 
Swatched. I rubbed and put water on the right one. I rubbed it twice with force. 
- Creamy
- Glides on very smoothly
- Stays and does stay on for a long time. Like... yeah, you need a makeup remover to take it off.
- Application is a breeze since it comes in pencil form!

- Pricey :(
- I hate having to sharpen it and I haven't really sharpened mine either. LOL!
On my eyes. >o<" 

I'd also like to say that it isn't completely water proof because last night I went to Quiapo to attend mass and before the mass ended it started to rain cats and dogs.
I didn't have an umbrella and got drenched in the rain. I know I should have waited for it to stop but I wanted to go home because I was already tired so I took the plunge! LOL!
It smudged a little. Yeah, only a bit... Like what people do when they want smokey eyes. It didn't give me terrible panda eyes but it still smudged on my lower line. :p Amazingly the liner on my upper eyelid stayed on despite everything.
I'm definitely going to re-purchase this. :D

I'm going to do a seperate review of the mascara if you ladies want one. :) I have forgotten to take photos of the packaging and I'm really sorry. :/ I just wanted to post something LOL!
Have a fun weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Purchases from Care Free Shopper (Urban Decay's Hall of Fame + Ecotools 5 piece brush set)

Hi! This is just going to be a quick post of my recent purchase.

I bought this from
The seller Ms. Armie is so nice -she gets back and answers queries promptly. The transaction was hassle free and also very fast. I got everything a day after I paid. Yay!!! x) 
Cheers to responsible sellers like her!

So here's what I got:
I haven't really had time to play with this yet. But I will try to review and swatch everything for you ladies.
Can I just say that everything was reasonably prized. I have been eyeing the EcoTools brushes for a while but most online shops were overpriced. Thankfully I found Ms. Armie's online shop! :)

EDIT - I completely forgot to mention that everything was neatly wrapped and packed in bubble plastic wrappers. I wasn't able to take photos though because I was too excited to open everything. >o<

Hall of Fame

Like Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians, our XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion towers over four of our favorite products, shrunken to travel-friendly sizes… the best, big and small! Buy the set for yourself (re-stock your Primer, then use the rest for girls’ night out, snowboarding, or a trip backstage), or give it to a friend new to Urban Decay (are there still people who don’t know the magic of 24/7 Pencils?!)

The Hall of Fame is packed with:

- XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion: 60% larger than the original size! - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero: creamy, waterproof, forever-lasting black - NEW Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara: complete with its full-size brush - Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy: sheer beige shimmer - Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy: coral with a pink glow

Splattered with graffiti-like images, our illustrated box will have you scanning the cover for hidden messages and quirky UD humor.
(Description taken from

EcoTools - BAMBOO 5 piece brush set:
- Mineral Powder Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Eye Shading Brush
-Baby Kabuki
- Cosmetic Bag

Initial Thoughts on Hall of Fame  - LOL!! The packaging is sooooo cute and funny!This set seems promising. Can't wait to try it out!
Initial Thoughts on EcoTools: BAMBOO 5 piece brush set - O.o OMG!!! The brushes are sooooo soft! Will wash these so I can try these out. Oh yeah, and this set is earth friendly that's like already +100 points! Did I mention that the brushes were the softest I ever tried? Oh I did my bad...  >o<"

Please let me know if you want a review on any of these items.

Sugar ^______^

REVIEW - Maybelline Makeup Remover - Eye & Lip + Father's day pictures

Hi ladies. :3

As we all know, we tend to lean toward makeup products that have long staying power.For mascara and eyeliner most of us prefer those that are waterproof.
Who wouldn't right...? No one wants racoon eyes. >o<

The only problem with these kind of makeup is it's pretty hard to get them to come off once they're on. :/
Before, I used olive oil to remove my makeup. It effectively removes makeup. But it's greasy and is very hard to rinse off. >.<
I also had to rub it on my eyes and face. Now, we all know that rubbing is a no-no in skin care so I tried to look for a better makeup remover.

I have constantly been on a look out for one but I always find a better excuse to stick to olive oil. :3
Then one day I saw Maybelline's makeup remover and thought why not try it...? It only costs 99Php or 2+USD after all.
The Virgin olive oil I was using was more expensive LOL! x)

A photo of the product grabbed from some random site.
Here's my bottle - almost empty which is actually good 
since it means I really use this a lot!

Maybelline says:
It is efficient & Easy ✔
The formula instantly removes all eye and lip makeup, even waterproof and non-transfer.

Gentle ✔
Formulated for sensitive eyes it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Shake well before use. Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on our eyes or lips. Follow facial cleansing with Maybelline foam or Cleansing Milk.

From upper right corner
 1. with eye makeup. Errrr sorry I've been quite busy and tired lately. :/
2. Soaked cotton pad with the product.
3. Gently press on the eyes for about 5-10 seconds.
4. Ewwwww!!!! >.< Dirt! 
5. Can you see the eyeliner, and sparkles? >.<
6. Clean without a speck of makeup left. :3

I usually wash my face afterwards I apply this product. I then use a toner to further clean my face and moisturize afterwards.

Why I  it:
1. It's light and not greasy. 
2. It doesn't irritate my skin and did not break me out. 
3. No stinging effect. 
4. Doesn't have a weird smell. 
5. It effectively removes makeup! 
6. It made my life easier. 
7. It's budget friendly. 

I can't think of any cons. Hmmm... :/

So, if you're looking for a good makeup remover I suggest you give this one a try.

So here are some photos from last Sunday. 

Face: Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Shine free dual primer, Revlon PhotoReady 004 Nude, MAC Studio Fix NC 30
Eyes: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, Etude House Tear Drop Liner, Prestige Biggest Lashes in Black and Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Black
Lips: HNN in peppermint and MAC Cremesheen Creme in Cup

My family had lunch in C2 in Rockwell,Powerplant. It was really crowded and we spent the rest of the day malling and getting some grocery shopping done.

C2 had an offering for Father's Day - a set meal of bagoong rice, crispy pata, kare-kare and pancit puti. We tried it and added prawns in aligue, tawilis and bibinka souffle.

Pancit Puti
Bagoong Rice 
This complimented the Kare-kare very well. :3
Kare kareng Baka
Boneless Crispy Pata
I don't know why it looks burnt in the photo. LOL! But it really isn't.
Fried Tawilis
FYI - Tawilis is the fish that's used to make dried fish or "tuyo". :)
Prawns in Aligue Sauce
Can I just say that my family orders this to taunt me because
I'm allergic to crustaceans. x(
Bibinka Souffle
This is very soft and fluffy but I didn't like it. :/

Dessert at Astralis:

I'm sorry everyone is just so uncooperative at taking photos LOL! :/ 
So yeah, I wasn't able to take a photo of all time favorite ube ensaymada. I actually brought three home but I forgot to take photos and ate all of them. x)
Fruit platter with sorbet

Fluffy Japanese cheesecake :3

I don't know what this actually is but the gave it to my dad 
because it's father's day. It was actually sweet of them to do 
so... ^-^

LOL! cheesy family picture taken at the mall.
This picture was given to us for free. :3

That's all. Sorry for the long post. :) I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

REVIEW - ETUDE HOUSE Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer

Dr. Oil Solution Shine Free Dual Primer
(Moisture & Pore Cover)

Description according to Etude House:
Moisturizing and pore coverage makeup primer improves foundation and makeup expression an longevity.

Directions found on the packaging:
1. Dispense primer onto hands and apply to the face. (this is for the moisturizer.)
2. Use finger to gather and apply pore coverage to enlarged pore areas. Spread and blend with fingers. (for the primer.)

Please note that there are actually 2 products in this tube. 1st is the moisturizer which comes in the tube and the 2nd product is the primer or pore covering stuff which can be found on the upper portion of the plastic cap/cover.

This product is oil and Paraben free. YAY! ^-^
Notice how they fit the tiny mirror conveniently on the cover of the primer? :o 
That mirror actually makes my pores look horrific. LOL!
Please don't forget that there are 2 parts/items in this product.

I have been using this product for more than a week and so far I have not had any break outs. YEY!

I first apply the moisturizer all over my face - it is not heavy nor sticky. :3 It's very light and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It has a very light scent which I do not know what to make of but is not irritating. 
It sort of feels cool and refreshing. The skin feels soft and and fresh after application.

See how light the consistency of the moisturizer is? :3 
I put way too much LOL! 

Now, on to the 2nd part. For the stubborn pores. >.<
Open the cap/cover to reveal the pore cover/primer and apply on pores and lines. I noticed that this product does significantly cover the pores. The scent is slightly milder than that of the moisturizer and it sort of has this tiny sparkles....?!? Seriously, I noticed that it does when I swatched it just now. The tiny sparkles make the face more radiant and bright but does not call attention to pores nor skin imperfections. :3

It does hold my foundation and makeup in place, and it did lessen the oiliness of my face. I really would have loved loved it but the actual primer-pore cover on top of the cap makes my life hard. x( I have long nails and it takes time to swirl my fingers on the tiny cap. Plus, I think it's unhygienic since it does not have an applicator.  :( I have tried using cotton buds to relieve this situation but I still think it's too much trouble and it takes a long time to apply. 

If you:
- don't have long nails as I do
- have tiny hands and don't mind dipping your fingers in the product
- looking for the perfect primer to minimize your fine lines and pores

I would definitely recommend this product to you! :3 Check!  But if you are like me you should reconsider and weigh down the pros and cons.

As for me, I think I'm going to start to look for another primer which is just as great but is easier to apply. x)

I hope this review can be useful to someone out there. ;)

Sugar ^_^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

REVIEW - Malian Super Mini Heated Eyelash Curler

Hi! Today I will be doing a product tool review of  Malian Mini Heated Eyelash curler which Salina and Golden requested . Before I begin, I would just like everyone to know that this is my first heated eyelash curler, I am no expert in makeup but would like to share my opinion as a consumer. x)
This item was purchased through a friend of a friend in FB. 

Manufactured/made in Guangzhou,China O.O

Introduction on the packaging provides:
- Fine shape, super mini size:95.5x19. 3x31mm only.
- Simple and safe operation with only one switch.
- Operated with 1 x AAA battery.
- Temperature is 60-80 C when heating.
- With a clear cover protecting the heating comb.
- The heating comb can be taken out for clean. (WHAAA??? You meant cleaning right? :3 )

Here are some close up photos  

INSTRUCTIONS (As provided in the packaging-edited and made clearer by yours truly. :D ):

- Remove the clear pink cover.
- Slide off the battery cover then insert 1AAA battery.
- Push/slide upwars ON/OFF button to turn on. The heating comb becomes hot around 15-30 seconds, the curler is then ready for use.
- Place the heating comb on your lashes and gently sweep upwards until the result you desired is achieved.
- When finished, slide ON/OFF button downward. 
- Take out the battery if it's not going to be used for a long time. 

This doesn't produce the dreaded L-shaped lashes. 
Just remember to hold and press softly it in place for a few seconds to achieve 
the desired effect. I put mascara on before I used it.

To clean use a piece of damp cloth and slide the heating comb upwards. I already tried this and  it worked.  :3

The result: 

Can you guess which among my lashes is curled? I know it's barely noticeable in the photos. LOL! 
If I remember correctly, I curled my right lashes. :p Yeah, I think I did since I'm right handed. 

My honest opinion on this product:

Unless you have more than an hour or so to get ready for a date or a special night out - I'd recommend  you skip this, because it takes time to get the lashes to curl. However, it does curl lashes to some extent, but you still won't get the dolly eyed princess lashes/look with this alone. And believe me it takes time before results can be seen. LOL! It does hold the lashes in place for a long time. That I'd give it credit for - my lashes do not feel heavy and was not weighed down by the mascara. :3 I guess the bottom line is it's not a miracle product and the result it produces are realistic and very minimal. 

I can also give it plus points for hygiene, as it has a clear pink cover for when you're done using it and can be stored without any worries of it catching dirt and germs. Just remember to take out the battery when traveling though as it might get accidentally turned on while inside the bag. The plastic heating comb can also be cleaned which is a plus since I really wouldn't want anything dirty or dirty looking near my peepers. :3

xbbkay asked in a previous entry if it would be possible to burn yourself?
- I don't think so. The heat generated by the curler itself is tolerable. Just turn it off for awhile if it's been ON for quite some time.

I neither love nor hate this item - it's just so-so.   

Instant Long hair!!! I had my hair extensions re-rooted. x)
If you would like me to do a review on hair extensions just let me know ok?

BTW, it's already the middle of the week. Time surely flies by~
I hope you ladies had a good week so far.