Sunday, April 1, 2012

Firmoo Optical Online Glasses + FOTD

Model - CSMY8801
I must say that seeing me wearing eyeglasses outside the house and the car can be a rare event as I only wear glasses when I study. I have been told a countless times that I can be intimidating; therefore,  I choose to rather not add to my stern appearance. 
Below are information about the glasses that I have cut and pasted from (Sorry, it's a Sunday and I'm lazy on Sundays.)

Description from the site:
Made from high-qualified plastic, these glasses accentuate trendy style and extreme durability.Spring hinges installed in the temples allow additional comfort to wear. They are uniquely made into two-toned in colors. The rectangular shaped lenses have suitable size for both single vision and bifocal/progressive correction needs. Total weight is 23 grams.

Additional Information:
Gender:UnisexSpring Hinge:Yes

Material:PlasticSingle vision:Yes
Frame Style:Full FrameBifocal/Progressive:Yes

Caring for your glasses:
  • Use ultrasonic cleaning to shake out the dust
  • Twist off the screw, take off the lens and use professional cloth or paper to clean
  • Do not use cosmetics. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame fade
  • Gently folding the eyeglass frame from the left
  • Do not take off eyeglasses with a single hand. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame deform
  • Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
  • Cover the eyeglasses with cloth when you do not use and put into the glasses cases.

The site is very informative and gives a good description of their eyeglasses. I was quite surprised when I saw that the glasses in person because the didn't look cheap at all. I can be quite careless, and wearing expensive eye glasses is a big no-no for me because I have actually sat on a couple of eyeglasses and have lost a few. I actually like the glasses and I think they look good on me. I chose a pair of glasses with a larger frame because I'm a big person and I have a big face. I imagine this would look very big when worn by other people. 
The glasses I got are ones with prescription because I do wear glasses. I have actually been meaning to get a new pair when I saw their advertisement on Facebook. When I saw the glasses I was impressed because they even provided the measurements/dimensions of the frame. I was surprised at how quickly they shipped the product too. Their customer service is also great and they replied to my emails within 24 hours. If you happen to be looking for inexpensive eye glasses or sun glasses I suggest you check their site as they also have promos such as free shipping to any part of the world. :) 

Must cam whore with new glasses~
I'm wearing circle lenses that don't have prescription :) I also like extending my eyeliner when I have glasses on because it makes the eyes stand out. I don't like wearing false lashes nor pilling up on mascara when I'm wearing glasses because I don't want my lashes to hit the glass. I also wear a bright lipstick sometimes to make my face a bit more interesting. hahaha! 
I have decided to try the lovely items Blair sent for the look above and I must say I super love everything she sent!!! (insert big grin here - ^______________________________________^ )

I encourage everyone to start a trend and to pose like this, because nautical prints are in season once again.

- Lunasol Smoothing Makeup Base
- Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation in Y002
Lavshuca Cheek Color in PK-1

Lavshuca Eye Color Select in BR-2
 Etude House Petit Darling in PK004
- Sephora Flasy Liner waterproof in 10 deep black
Majolica Majorca Lash Kind in BK999

- Canmake Nudy Glow in 04 Sugar Milk Tea

Would you ever consider buying eye glasses online?

Glasses were sent by the company in exchange for the linkback on the sidebar of my blog.