Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Krazy Garlic - Food Glorious Food!! -

My little sister remarked earlier this week that my blog could pass for a food blog, which I don't think is bad at all. Hahahaha! :P

Krazy Garlic seems to be an apt place to dine in, this time of the year... I mean vampires are supposed to be scared of garlic, right? (Not that anyone has ever tested garlics on actual vampires, but that's what we've been told.)  Even local folklore has it that bad beings and spirits can be scared off with garlic. With the stench smell, who can blame them? :P 

I had high expectations from this place since it's owned by the Bistro Group which own a bunch of restaurant that I love such as Fish and Co., Italianni's, T.G.I. Fridays, etc.. 

Well, hullow there fluffy looking garlic!

Caesar Cheeseness
I liked the Caesar bread! It was so yummy! :) The veggies look wilted, don't they?

Four Cheeses Pizza
The pizza was ok but it wasn't served hot. I have never been a fan of cold pizzas so we took this home and reheated it.

Grilled Salmon
Please excuse me, I'm on a "I only want to eat fish & veggies right now" phase. This was flavorful and tasted great. I loved that their salmon was fresh and the pasta was al dente.

I am an icetea addict. Anyone who has ever spent time with me can attest to that fact. 
Well, I liked the mugs that their iceteas came in, but I found the actual icetea a bit too sour for my liking. Maybe the acidity is supposed to offset the flavor of the garlic. I'm not sure, but I'm quite positive about not liking it ar all. 

Overall, I would say that the place is a let down. Some of the food tasted mediocre while others were good. The servings were rather small for the price. The servers were nice but were hard to find. Perhaps it is just me, but I don't think I will be going back to this place anytime soon.

Krazy Garlic
2nd Level, New Port Mall, New Port Resorts World
Pasay City

Some friends said they wanted to see me wear Lunasol Modeling Cheeks EX02 so I did, but I forgot to use my camera to take decent photos. Please bear with the cam whoring shots below for now--

All pictures were taken with an iPhone 4. The ones on the left were taken with Popbooth.
Popbooth is a free photo booth application that turns 4 photos into a photostrip thaty can be uploaded and shared to social networking sites such as Facebook or twitter; sent by email; or you can even send real photo strips in the mail. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Etude House - Nymph AURA Volumer in #1 Pure Nymph Aura

Nymph AURA Volumer in #1 Pure Nymph Aura
Description from Etude House: Multi Cream maximizing the radiance and dewy glow on skin, completing flawless skin with plumped up moisture. 

- Comes in a white plastic bottle with a very cute cap.
- The pump is convinient and easy to use. Be wary that it might dispense too much if pressed too hard - Press gently to avoid wasting the product!

I will mix it with Paul & Joe's Protective Fluid Foundation N in 30.

Directions: Mix with 1 drop/part with every 2 drops of foundation or BB cream.
You may add more or less according to your preference. I will be using more since I want everyone to see the effect/look it produces. 

Using this stippling brush from the Etude House, I will combine and mix the products. You may use your hand or a sponge.

Mix well then Apply and distribute evenly on skin.

Color: Peach but goes on translucent. 
It is more subtle - looks more natural than #2. I would recommend girls with medium to darker skin tones choose this because it won't give a chalky or ashy finish and would blend perfectly on your skin.

Texture: The texture surprised me. It is gel-like and sticky. It feels like a thick lip gloss and tends to just sit on top of the skin for a while. Once it settles it will make the skin smoother.

Scent: Has a very faint scent which smells like Etude House's other skincare products.

Finish: Gives a dewy finish. 
- at first it may resemble the look you will get when you apply Vicks/petroleum jelly over your skin, but once it settles,  it will start to look more natural and dewy. (Think you just stepped out the shower and your skin is still moist.)

Lasting Power: The shine/shimmer it gives will last around 3 hours on me since I have very oily skin. For those with normal or dry skin it might last a bit longer.

Price: Around 700++Php

Paul & Joe's Protective Fluid + Nymph Aura Volumer

It can also be used as a highlighter or layered with other products.

Swatch on bare skin.

There's a long list of foundations and bb creams that claim to give a dewy finish. I suppose most ladies like me want a luminous and glowing finish that would make skin appear healthier. As such, I was really looking forward to trying this product and I actually wanted to like it but I'm still on the fence with it right now. Perhaps my mind will change after I get used to the texture which I'm not really very fond of. 

I prefer the Etude House's method of mixing it with a bb cream or a foundation rather than using it as a highlight over those products. It does take quite a while for the skin to absorb the product if used as a highlighter.

Note that it tends to highlight skin imperfections such as large pores; after all, it is somewhat of a highlighter that can be used together with a makeup base. The glow or shimmer it produces is quite different from that which I am used to as it makes the skin look moist and wet. I would say that this is perfect for countries with colder weather as it can give the impression of nice-glowing skin without glitters! Unlike other Korean highlighters which I have tried in the past, the shimmers of the Nymph Aura Volumer are hardly visible and will just cast a luminous appearance once applied.

It's not really a bad deal for the price. Especially if you are just starting out or experimenting with highlighters. It is far better than other highlighters on the market but I have tried better ones. But then again, this product isn't being advertised as a highlighter, it supposed to be something a bit different. Maybe the novelty will be the selling point of the item. 

I would like to point out though that I don't regret the purchase and think that I shall be using more of the product when I'll be indoors in an air-conditioned room. :) 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lunasol Fall 2011 Modeling Cheeks EX02 (Soft Coral)

I am now joining the Lunasol bandwagon with the ladies whose blogs I follow and adore. I recently picked up 2 Lunasol products. :D YAYYYY!!!! I will do a separate post on each with my initial impressions and thoughts on the products.  

Lunasol Fall 2011 Modeling Cheeks EX02

Soft Coral


Swatched on MAC NC30 skin.

Swatch of all the colors blended together.

NOTE: All pictures were taken under artificial lighting. 

EX02 is a peach-coral shade depending on how you apply or layer the colors of the blush. It has shimmers that are barely noticeable. If any, the shimmers just give a very lovely and healthy glow when applied! The pigmentation is rather sheer but buildable. The finish is very natural and pretty. It will make you look like you are blooming. 

It feels so nice to the touch - almost creamy and soft - its powder has been finely milled along with the shimmers (fear not, the shimmers won't scratch nor bother you).  

The blush case/compact and the blush are sold separately. You may opt not to buy the compact and just get the blush. I however, seriously need a compact for this. The Lunasol counter I visited ran out of stocks so I just bought the blush without the pan. I have an excuse to go back to their counter now.. :P

So much for not buying any blushers till I hit a pan. LOL! xD

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paparazzi at Edsa Shangri-La - Food Glorious Food! :D

Great food for those who want an amazing dining experience. I will leave the pictures speak for their price. Hopefully, the pictures will somewhat help justify such an extravagant luxury. 

 Edsa Shangri-la, Mandaluyong

Cake and Icetea from different establishments in Shangri-La.

I just noticed Hamham is starting to look like me. Poor sister. :( 

NOTE: I noticed some of the pictures were pixelated. Please excuse the quality of the photos. I need to get a better camera (again...).

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA +++ UVA

Writing about sunblocks on October. 
You might wonder if we still need sunblock during the fall and winter months? My dermatologist says we still do, because the sun still shines all year round and our skin is still exposed to UV rays.

My favorite sunblock.
I instantly fell in love with this product after I received samples when I purchased some skincare products from Kiehl's a while back, but the price tag kept me from buying a tube. I later reasoned to myself that this product also makes a good makeup base. I did consider buying a tube, but my mom gave me one before I have gotten around to purchasing it. (YAY!)

Comes in a white that I like for it's simplicity and effectiveness. 

The product goes on smoothly and blends perfectly unto the skin.

- Not greasy and does not feel sticky at all.
- Can be used under makeup or as a makeup base.
- Does not form into chunks and balls under makeup.
- The scent is subtle and does not bother me at all.
- Easy to blend and quickly absorbed by the skin.
- Did not break me out.

- Besides the price I cannot think of any. The 30 ml tube costs around 1,900++Php and the 50ml tube is around 2,900++Php

I love it! If you are looking for a good sunblock that works while not giving you that ton of gunk piled on your face feeling, I highly suggest that you give this a try.

Heads up! Kiehl's, Greenbelt is having a two day 15% off sale on October 22-23 on all items. Loyalty Club members gets the first dibs on the sale on October 21. :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Italianni's and T.G.I. Friday's - Food, Glorious Food! :D

This is an attempt to update my blog. :) The picture above was taken on SCTEX while on the way to Pampanga yesterday. I was trying to take a picture of the sugar cane fields but I guess the sky is more prominent, hehe. 

Fresh Watermelon shake.


Ceasar Salad.

 Italian Sausage.

Salmon Carpaccio.

Seafood Cioppino. 

 Salmon Spumante.

2nd drink, while everyone was having coffee and tea. :P

La Dolce Vita. :3
New York Cheesecake with Red Velvet cake.

Italianni's Restaurant
Marquee Mall, Angeles Pampanga

After a couple of hours, my sister complained that she was hungry, hence we went to TGI Fridays:

Why, hullow there disco ball! :3

Iced tea and Mojito. 

Buffalo Boneless Chicken Bites.

 Pork Adobo.

Shrimp Mango Quesadilla..? 

Chicken Club Sandwich.

T.G.I. Friday's
Marquee Mall, Angeles Pampanga

All pictures were taken on an Iphone 4. Have a great weekend everyone!