Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paul & Joe 2011 Fall Collection - Manhattan Launch at Rustans Makati

I was invited to the Paul and Joe workshop and Fall launch. YAYYYYYY!!!! xD
They will still be having a launch and a workshop this coming weekend so you might want to drop by their counter before the event to get an invite. 

Paul & Joe products have the most amazing packaging! :)

 Color Palettes in 001 58th & 5th, 002 Chelsea and 003 Central Park West
Price - Php 2,650
I have been looking forward to these color palettes although I am currently on an eyeshadow ban because I own way too many eyeshadows. LOL! xD If I could I would certainly pick up one of these gorgeous palettes! 
001 - is a good neutral palette for ladies with light to medium skin tones.
002 - is a great palette for everyone! It has the a great variety of color selection IMO because it can be used for both day and night time. The colors will look good on everyone from lighter-darker skin toned ladies.
003- also a neutral palette but is aimed towards ladies with fair to lighter skin tones.

001 58th & 5th

Finishing Pressed Powder - 001 Spotlight
Price - Php 2,650.00
I have been told that this is a highlighting powder so it should only be applied on certain areas of the face to give it a healthy and lovely glow. :)

Lipstick C in 073 Uptown Girl, 072 SoHo and 074 Lower East Side.
Price - Php 1,550/Ea

073 is a very pretty and light coral shades - Coral lovers should definitely check this lipstick out - it's a milky coral that is very pretty! 
072 is a bright red-orange which would look for bold and daring looks. Little dabs on the lips will give you natural kissable lips.
074 is a mauve color with beige undertones. This is the perfect nude lipstick and I picked it 
up because I fell inlove with it! <3 (Swatches and review will be posted in the future.)

From Left to Right - 073 42nd Street, 074 Empire State and 075 Brooklyn Bridge
Price - Php 1,350.00/Ea
The eyeshadows are a bit similar to those of the summer collection but I prefer the packaging of the summer collection although these may have a different hue because they're for fall. If you already own the LE summer edition eyeshadows, I suggest you skip these and invest on the palettes and other items. 

Pencil Eye Liners in 002 Bleecker Street, 001 Upper East Side and 003 Grand Central
Price - Php 950.00

Nail Enamel in 018 The City Never Sleeps, 019 Big Apple and 017 Downtown.
Price - 800.00
The City Never Sleeps is navy blue well, almost midnight blue with purple and pink hues that show up when the lighting changes.
Big Apple is a very deep and gorgeous shade with shimmers for an extra sparkle!
Downtown is a peach-pink well it's kind of a coral with some shimmers that will compliment any skin tone. 

Face & Eye Color CS and  Lipstick C are now available for purchase at Paul & Joe's Rustans counter in Makati. The other items will also be released this month. I was not able to get a picture of the new cream foundation which is probably a re-formulated version of the Moisturizing Compact Foundation.

Swatches will be posted if only upon request - I was not able to get decent swatches because of the lighting.  Please let me know what items would you like to see swatches of, because I will not post swatches of everything except for the ones that I will acquire and the ones that you would want to see. Just let me know in the comments, ok? :)

I also picked up a few items which I will post in a haul post with GWPs, along with the token I received for attending the event. (Hello backlog! LOL!)

Thank you to Miss Pia, Paul & Joe's Brand Manager and to Marlon, my favorite SA for inviting me to the event and letting me swatch and try the products. :) 

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