Friday, September 2, 2011

Nisce Skin 'n Face

If you regularly read my blog, you probably know that I have been breaking out. This is the worst breakout I have had in the past 8 years or so. People my age shouldn't be breaking out; I do know that this is caused by hormonal imbalance. I have not altered my skin routine and stick by what I said about the products I use and still claim that they work.

It was time to get a facial! Actually, I was just trotting down Robinson's Otis when I saw this place so I thought I'd give it a try:

Treatment room.

I like that the chair can be reclined. It made the treatment very comfy. :3

Must cover bunny teeth. :P
Face all clean- getting steamed and ready for a facial.

I have highlighted/encircled the parts where I got break outs so you can see.

I did not post the picture of the actual facial as it might scare those who haven't tried facials yet. I do have a high tolerance for pain and find facials relaxing. My skin always gets red and blotchy after whenever I get facials like this. It wasn't excruciatingly painful but those with low tolerance for pain might not enjoy the experience although I would have to hand it to the attendant for being gentle and always checking on me whether I was ok. I don't think my facial expression even changed LOL! 

My favorite part of the treatment was the face mask! They have a variety of facials and I just agreed to the one they recommended which costs 650Php. I think the basic facial starts around 300Php so it was rather budget friendly. :)

The attendant probably thought I was being super vain or that I was nuts because I kept snapping pictures with my Iphone 4. She was very nice and very professional, although I forgot to ask her name (Bad customer!). She wasn't annoying like other attendants who would force you to buy and try their services and other products. I hate it when people do that. I usually never buy anything when I am being nagged to do so just because I want to be able to choose for myself. 

Be scared! LOL! The mask was really relaxing. :) It was so foamy and felt so good while it was being applied on my skin. It has a cooling sensation which I like. I even touched the mask when the attendant wasn't looking because it reminded me of plaster that's being used to make masks. :P 

It remained soft and jelly-like but formed a mold on my face. :) 

The products below were recommended to me.  I was told that I should stop using any of my present skincare so the products would work. I guess I'll give these a try as I am desperate; I will keep everyone updated on how it  turns out. :) 
After which I shall return to using my old skincare products (Yes, I'm loyal like that.) :P

All these products were formulated and tested by dermatologists. :)

Nisce Clarifying Lotion - 235 Php
Nisce Peel White Cream - 235 Php
Nisce Whitening & Oil Control Toner - 220Php

I really don't care for whitening at all, but oh well those are the names of the products. I guess there are many people who really want to have fair and glowing skin. 

I do hope that everything works out. They said that I can go back for a free consultation within ten days and the products will work on a span of about a week or two. I hope that they work sooner than that. :)

I found the list of their services on their site site. The price tends to vary if I remember correctly. You will have to adjust and add around 50-100 for their treatments.

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