Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paul & Joe Lipstick C - 074 Lower East Side

My favorite new lipstick 

Paul & Joe Lipstick C in 074 Lower East Side
Limited Edition

Comes in a sturdy paper packaging adorned with a very pretty print of floral patterns.

Price - Php 1,550

Scent - Has a very subtle signature Paul & Joe scent which is not at all noticeable, unless you hold the lipstick under your nose and sniff it.

Colour - Mauve with beige undertones that will compliment and suit most skin tones.

The perfect nude or my new MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick. It will compliment many looks and is one of the most wearable lipstick shade I own! I fell inlove with it and knew I just had to purchase it when I swatched it on the Paul & Joe counter.

Consistency - Very creamy and moisturizing - goes on smoothly. It feels like butter and melts once applied to the lips;  it does not however feel heavy nor gunky.
As it is very creamy the lipstick is very soft and might melt if not properly stored. It might also get deformed if not properly handled.

Lasting Power - Around  3-4 hours but has to re-applied after eating, drinking, etc...

Pigmentation - Comes out a bit sheer, but the colour can be built with a few swipes of the lipstick.

Swatched on MAC NC30 skin.

swiped once.
Please excuse my uber dry lips. 
Swatch 1
2 coats of lipstick.

Swatch 2

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