Monday, September 5, 2011

snapshots ~ weekend lunch with Joey, Jickie and Jaqs at Casa Roces

Just a quick update of how my weekend was spent. My internet connection isn't any better so it's been such a pain to go online.

As I said on my last post and on Twitter, I went back to Casa Roces:

Took snap shots of other items in the menu that aren't pictured HERE.:

Crispy Lengua Salad - 145 Php

Baked Vegetables Provencale 340Php

Bouillabaise de la Casa Roces 210Php

Grilled Pork Ribs 235Php

I told the server I wanted to see the 2nd floor of the mansion, so he took me to a tour. The rooms now serve as function halls and can be booked by reservation:

After lunch, we went to the garden to have coffee and chatted:

with first cousin once removed, Jaqs

Baby Bubi and Enky with Jaqs.

I hope all your weekends went well. Have another great week! :)

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