Monday, April 11, 2011

Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation

This review is requested by the ultimate foundation fiend and one of my favorite bloggers, Pammy. :3

Paul & Joe has constantly lived up to its reputation and remains to be one of my favorite makeup brand/s. I have been told that Paul & Joe foundations were great and that I should give it a try so I did. Please bear with me as I make a few more P&J posts. I will probably be acquiring more stuff from them but I will also try to review other makeup brands for you.

Please be reminded that I am a sucker for everything that has cute & pretty packaging. But I will try to remain as objective as I can. 

Ta-nan-nan!!!! Pretty + beautiful = prettiful? :3

The box for those who want to ask how much it is. :)

The packaging is a win! <3
The pink case and the detail on it is so beautiful. 

Shade # 30

This is what it looked like when it was new.

After a few uses. It still looks lovely!

Why hello there sponge. :3 I have never quite noticed you before. :P



- I have combination skin which is mostly oily.
- The foundation has medium coverage and is buildable.
- It is creamy and feels like concealer but is very light weight and lets skin breathe. 


I have never tried using the sponge that comes with the case. I either use my fingers or a brush. I find that it is best to swirl my brush in the foundation apply it on my face then use the warmth of my fingers to pat it all over. I then use the same brush to buff it in and even out the coverage. 


- Hides my pores. :)
- Medium finish will cover pimples & skin imperfections.
- Does not feel heavy.
- Does not cake on my skin.
- Packaging is pretty! 
- Did not break me out.
- This has a very nice finish. It is semi-matte that gives a luminous-radiant glow. I know that it may sound weird but trust me it does! :3


- Settles on my fine lines & wrinkles. :(
- Does not prevent oiliness. :P I know it's moisturizing but really I need a good setting powder when I use this or else I will look like a walking grease ball.
- This accentuates dry spots I never knew I had! O.O It will accentuate flakiness. Please bear in mind that I have oily skin.
- This may be a bit pricey.


I think this foundation is suited for those with supple and almost perfect skin. :P I mean, it accentuates dry patches so it's a NO-go for dry skinned people. I don't think it works for oily skinned individuals either as it does nothing for my oiliness. So I will recommend this to those with normal skin.

Maybe I can use this again when the weather is not as humid as it is now. :3 On the meantime I will keep it on my dresser because it's so pretty! I am not impressed with this, but I have used foundations that were a lot worse. 

I might just try other Paul & Joe foundations which leads me to....

Tired of my Paul & Joe reviews? Please bear with me as I may have more to come hahaha! I saw this on Paul & Joe Philippines Facebook page so I thought I'd share it with everyone. :)

I will definitely be dropping by! Please don't hoard everything until I get there ok? :) Thank you!

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