Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lili Chinese Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel and Casino - Food, Glorious Food!!! =)

I'm starting this post with something that caught my attention in the menu. It says Double-boiled Supreme Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar Php 5,888. I have tried Bird's Nest soup before but it never occurred to me that it will taste good as a dessert. Hmmm... Well I guess it will because it doesn't really have a taste or is rather flat. I must be very ignorant. x) LOL! 

Thank goodness we were able to get a table this time! As we walked in the server greeted us and said, "Welcome back!" Plus points for the friendly warm greeting, their service commendable, as always. 

Hot Tea with Guava Ice Tea. xD Both mine and both loved to bits!

Suckling Pig!
Note: I order suckling pig at all Chinese Restos all the time. If I don't order it I will order Peking Duck or something very flavorful and highly fattening... 

Steamed Pink Garoupa(Lapu-lapu) in Soy sauce. 
I actually prefer the usual lapu-lapu over the pink one because, while the flesh/meat was very tender and soft it still was a bit too fishy for my taste. The staff actually tried to help, and even offered to cook the fish again to no avail. I realized that the fish had a distinct taste that I did not like. 

Yangchow fried rice without shrimp as requested. 

Beef Tenderloin with little golden puffs that have pineapple inside! :D 

Dessert is being prepared. :)

Mango Pudding! :3


As with all the other food posts that I have done, I will state that this is not a very budget friendly location. However, I think they offer buffets that cost around 700++Php. The taste of the food is top notch and I will always come back as long as my parents feed me for free pay. If you're willing to splurge for Chinese food that comes in a nice place with amazing service I would highly reommend Lili! 

Li Li Chinese Restaurant
Hyatt Hotel and Casino
1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar, Malate, Manila

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