Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Skincare Routine - Night (PM) - Skincare diary

Hello!  This is my updated skin care routine. I hope I don't scare anyone with this since you'll be seeing my bare face. :P My skin is far from perfect but these products have been working for me so I thought I'd share. I deemed this more appropriate since you will see how I apply and put the products on. =)

And yes, I take a lot of time massaging my face. :P I often do that while I wait for the product to get absorbed by my skin. I may use a foaming cleanser as seen on the video but I also use the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. I still prefer Philosophy's Purity and will be switching back to it once I am done with the bottle. I also skipped moisturizer in the video but I use L'Occitane's Divine Cream.

I shall do a separate review on the Sigma Cleansing & Polishing tool, I know many of you are curious about it. As you can see from the video it does circular motions and moves on its own. If you do have one just guide it on your face. Don't go against the movement of the brush as it might hurt. Also, it may spray water and products all over.

I am such a noob at editing! :P Please excuse the grammatical errors on the video.  Sometimes I type something then I change my mind and it completely gets messed up & comes out all wrong LOL! xD

List of Products:

Sigma Cleansing and Polishing Tool
Tony Moly - Floria Flower Energy Foam Cleanser
Kiehl's Eye Alert
The Body Shop - Organic Cotton Rounds
Paul & Joe Refreshing Skin Toner
Khiel's ULTIMATE WHITE Intensive Whitening Essence
Paul & Joe Moisture Lip Treatment
Khiel's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hot Pink face Massager - gifted by a friend
The Body Shop Face Massager

If I am not being lazy I will put L'Occitane's Divine Cream. But I skip that step sometimes especially when I'm tired.

Thank you for watching the video if you did! :)

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