Monday, August 8, 2011

NARS Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer

NARS Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer.
I have been using this product a lot lately as some of you may have noticed. I picked it up on my haul HERE because I was looking for a good primer. Some of you requested a review on this, so I obliged. :)

Pro-Prime™ Pore Refining Primer - Oil-Free  

What it is: An oil-free gel primer.  

What it does: This gel primer instantly refines the look of pores, regulates shine, and creates a matte surface to the skin for smooth and long-wearing makeup application. Mineral Powders manage oil in the T-zone while blurring the look of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The packaging is very "NARS" like in my opinion; nothing fancy, but not tacky either. It does tend to dispense a lot of product at times because it's hard to control the squeeze tube.

This is light weight compared to other primers that I have used and does not feel like it contains silicone. I would say the texture is sort of a mixture of milk and gel. :P It is thicker than milk but is thinner than most gel products that I have used. One thing that I particularly like about it is that it absorbs quickly. However, that also means that it won't give you enough time to apply it to your whole face. 

TIP: I usually do my face in sections when I use this. :D

After rubbing/patting the it will disappear and sink in to the skin.  

- Fast absorbing and light weight. 
- No flashback - Photogenic.
- Makes makeup last longer.
- Makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.
- has skincare benefits.

- Expensive.
- Does nothing for my pores.
- Does not make skin smooth nor does it make foundation glide like other primers do.

- Keeps my face matte for a while but after more than 4-6 hours it starts to get oily again.
- Smell is reminiscent of herbs but the scent dissipates after a few minutes. It does not bother me but those with very sensitive olfactory senses may find the scent bothersome.
- I broke out after I used this but I have used a lot of products at that time so I'm not sure which one broke me out.


✔ means I agree with what NARS said and X means I disagree -
X -87% felt that the surface of their skin was smoothed
X -78% thought the product controlled shine all day long
-97% felt that this product left their skin feeling soft
X -94% felt that their skin was soothed and comforted
X87% thought the product made powder, blush, and bronzer application easier

I do like it, but I'm not inlove with it. I will just finish the whole tube and move on to another primer like I usually do. I am still searching for my HG primer.

Heads up NARS lovers - Robi of NARS Makati texted me and said that they are going to have a 10% discount on all NARS items for every 5,000Php worth of purchases from August 12- 14. :)

YAY! I'm finally catching up on my backlog. I can start buying makeup again.. LOL! xD
I kid, I kid. :P

Have a great week everyone!

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