Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YAY!!! Finally MINE! :P - Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette

Hello! I know the title seems a bit bratty, LOL! Forgive me, I am just super excited.. This is going to be a quick post with swatches:

This is my first Urban Decay Palette. 

Well hello there finger print magnet! :)


The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

The 15th Anniversary Pallete is a combination of bright and neutral colors. :)
I wasn't too keen on the other UD palettes before because most palettes had such bright colors which I couldn't see myself wearing. I didn't buy the Naked Palette either because everyone seems to have one.

Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! <3

Shall be making the most out of this palette so do expect EOTDS and FOTDs from me. :3

Swatches with label.

Unlabeled swatches. 
I swatched everything without any primer, twice except for Deeper which I only had to swipe once. The pigmentation is excellent. All pictures were taken in indoor lighting. Will do a detailed post and review once I get to play with this palette. :)

I'm relieved that all the colors show up on my skin! I have seen reviews wherein people said that some of the colors didn't show up on their skin.

I ordered mine from The Hyphen Store, E has onhand stocks of this palette. 
You might also want to check with both online shops sell authentic items. :)

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