Friday, August 5, 2011

Winners of "The Hyphen Store EOS Lipbalm giveaway!" =)

There were 123 entries. I truly wish I could give each of you a lip balm. :)

It whimsically occurred to me that I ought to give the first commenter a lip balm so.... 

Congratulations to "Kokorauhan!" Raphael Abrina. You shall be receiving summer fruit. :)

I used to choose the other winners, and they are the following lucky ladies:

Congrats Aya, Apple and Abby Villarba! I will be contacting all of you in a while. :D or make my life easier and just DM or email me your addresses so E can ship out your lip balms. :)

Lemon drop - Apple
Sweet Mint - Aya
Honey dew - Abby Villarba

Why all the winners names start with the letter "A" is something that puzzles me too.. :/ Hmmmm... LOL! Congrats everyone!

For those who haven't please visit and like The Hyphen Store on Facebook. They have onhand stocks of the highly anticipated and raved about, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette which I have already ordered. :P

Once again congrats to all the winners! :D Please don't feel bad if you haven't won this time. As soon as the DTI thingie gets cleared up I will have more giveaways for you. I truly wish I could give everyone a lip balm however, I am not able to do so at this point.

By the way, I have created a Facebook Page so everyone can stay in touch and say hi or ask questions. I also have an extra EOS lipbalm. :3 Shall think of what to do with it.

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