Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tinypinkbow Accessories Review :)

Before reviews start to pile up again and make me feel guitly for not posting sooner. :3

The accessories below are from the Tinypinkbow. Owner/blogger MissKatV contacted me to sponsor a giveaway on my blog. She was kind enough to send me a bracelet to try out and I also ordered some pieces just because I think they're super cute.

Bracelet on the right was sent for revier - thank you Kat! :)
LINK to my tinypinkbow giveaway.

All Tinypinkbow accessories come in this tiny hand-sewn pink bag.

My Ddung doll insists on having her picture taken with such cute stuff.

I had the silver charms replaced with yummy charms just because they are cute and I wanted to see what it would look like. The silver charms can be detached from the pearl band; so if you order other colors you can interchange the pearl bands to match your outfits. The band would retain its shape even if it's already detached. The bracelet seems durable. :) 
The only thing I dislike about this bracelet is the latch. While it might be caused by my long nails or big fingers, I found it a challenge to remove and lock the same in place.

 This is my favorite among the stuff  I got! Although I won't really be wearing it anywhere, anytime soon because I'm afraid that the charms would get deformed or lost though they seem well made and durable. All the yummy charms are handcrafted and made with loads of TLC.

Macro mode so you can see how cute the charms are! :3

I ordered these earrings for my little sister.

My dad says my little sister is an angel. (Grimaces)

If not for those doe-eyes she would pass for my sister. LOL!

I also ordered these pretty pearl-like earrings. :3

The design is very girly and pretty. Again, I struggle with the clasps of these earrings; that aside, I find no other faults in the accessories. I will attribute the problem to my overgrown nails and fat fingers. :)

I was actually surprised at how affordable the accessories are. If you haven't please do check out the Tinypinkbow if you like any of the accessories you see above. :)

Don't forget to use my code, "sugarsugar" to get a free gift each time you make a purchase. Nah, I won't be getting commissions or earning any money, but you will get a free gift if you do! <3

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