Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss - Initial thoughts + swatches

Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss 
SRP - 398.00 Php budget friendly and affordable. :)

Tony Moly Crystal Glam Color Gloss in 01 Glam Pink and 03 Glam Peach

01 Glam Pink
A cute milky baby pink. (I always have to pick up a lip gloss.)

03 Glam Peach
Milky and soft Peach.

Not a fan of how messy the stopper can get. :/ 

swatched on a tissue.
L-R 03 Glam Peach & 01 Glam Pink.

Swatches on MAC NC 30 skin.

No lip swatches. My lips are uber dry right now because I'm sick. Please refer to future posts for lip swatches. :)

These glosses are rather pigmented and are the most pigmented among the Korean glosses I have tried. The texture is a bit thick and kind of goopy. Both glosses have a tendency to accentuate and settle on fine lines and dry patches on the lips though and aren't moisturizing enough on my lips. Solution, apply a lip balm before applying the product.

Have you tried anything from Tony Moly?

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