Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gloria Maris - Food Glorious Food! :D ++

Another oldie but goodie place to eat in the Metro is Gloria Maris. They have such a wide variety of dimsums, congee, noodles and hot pot. 


Just had to take an extra picture because I super love soup dumplings! :)

Hakaw - shrimp dumpling
Can't comment on this since I can't eat crustaceans. 

Chicken asparagus soup - Broth and asparagus tastes good but the chicken's overcooked IMO.

Yang chao fried rice
Of course I wasn't allowed to eat this because it has shrimps in it. :/ My life kind of sucks, doesn't it? x(

Beef with ampalaya (bitter melon)
I'm not a fan of bitter melons and will never be. :P This doesn't taste bad though. The meat was cooked just right and the bitter melon's flavor isn't that strong.

Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style
Meat was rather on the rubbery side. :/ But I liked the flavor so I still ate a lot of this, haha! 

Suckling Pig! :@)
An old time favorite of mine. I am not particularly fond of Gloria Maris' suckling pig but this one was awesome! The skin was so crispy and the fat and meat was tender and succulent. 

Gloria MarisGreenhills Shopping Center

Club Filipino Ave., Greenhills Shopping Complex
San Juan, Metro Manila

Anyway, I spotted this while I was at Rustans last night.

I got a ddung doll!

Picnic Day ddung doll.

The SA asked me if I wanted to have it gift wrapped. :P Ermmm... I just like buying random stuff and I think ddung dolls are cute. Shall be getting the Alice in Wonderland one next time. Haha!

Of course I just had to buy candies too and ended up picking up Tutti Frutti jelly beans. :p

What's your favorite jelly bean flavor? :)

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