Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NARS JOIE DE VIVRE - Nordstrom Exclusive Cheek Palette

I know, I fail at swatching products most of the time, but I have fun trying and sharing the swatches on my blog so I still give it a go. I hope these swatches would be useful for someone out there. This palette is limited edition and is probably no longer available at Nordstrom. If you're lucky, you can still find it online. Also, it can be used as a reference for buying individual blush colors.

Thank you to my all time favorite enabler, the ever pretty and sweet, Blair for giving me a go signal and enabling me to purchase this palette! :3

This is an exclusive and Limited edition cheek palette. It contains 6 cheek colors composed of blushers, a highlighter and a bronzer. Each pan contains 3.5g/0.12oz of product.

For those who are curious where I got the palette, I bought it from the carefree shopper at Multiply. Armie, the shop's owner even sent me a mini Super Orgasm blush as a freebie! I will try to post and swatch it next time. :)
No surprise here, NARS' signature black rubbery packaging which I label as a dust magnet. :) The back of the palette contains the names/labels. While I label it a dust-magnet it is sleek, portable and easy to travel with. I also like that it has a large mirror. :D

NARS blushes need no introduction as they are very popular. Known for their great colour payoff and lasting power. (of course everyone complains about their dust magnet packaging too! LOL!) 
Most of the blushes on this palette are shimmery/shiny or have a sheen. Angelika contains chunks of glitter like Super Orgasm. The other colours might look scary in the pan but I found all easy to apply and blend.

I own a few NARS blushes and a full sized Albatross. There seems to be a slight difference between           the texture as the blushes I have are more soft and a bit more pigmented. These blushes however, are not a pain to work with, not as gritty nor rough as some blushers are, and the colour is buildable after a layer or two. 


Albatross- Luminous glow
A pearl highlight with golden shimmers. It can be used on top of blushers, the c-zone, below the arch of the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eyes. This shade will probably go well with most skin tones. I have a full-size of this product and I quite like it. Be careful and use a light hand when applying though, as you may end up looking like a disco ball.(I will be posting a separate review and more swatches of Albatross.)

Laguna - Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer.
Another cult favorite. I haven't gotten around to trying this as a contour powder but it works wonderfully as a bronzer. Yes, it contains shimmers but the shimmers just give a sheen and are not too overpowering or anything like that. Like Luster, this gives a wonderful glow. I am not sure if this would work for darker skin tones but I would recommend this to those with fair to medium skin tones.
This colour needs a few layers to show up, but that's okay rather than have a scary and overpowering bronzer, I prefer something that is more sheer.

Albatross and Laguna

Luster - Sheer golden apricot
Apricot with a tinge of peach. Looks rather scary in the pan but looks wonderful once applied and blended on the skin. Of all the colours in the palette this was the easiest to work with. The pigmentation and texture is similar to my full sized NARS blushes.
This gives a luminous and pretty finish when applied to the skin - like a highlighter and blush in one. This gives a healthy glow, like you've been just kissed by the sun. Of all the colours in this palette, this is probably the most universal as it would compliment anyone.

Angelika - Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle.
I wouldn't say that this is Cotton candy Pink as it seems a bit dark to be in the cotton candy shade range. It's a hot pink with more Fuchsia and has tons of glitters in it. Yes, glitters! Not sparkles. But the glitters rub off and disappear and go elsewhere when applied on the cheeks. Do note that shimmer/sparkles/glitters might enhance large pores. This blush is perfect for days you want a pop of colour on your cheeks or when you're just feeling like you're extra pale. This will look flattering and won't look like you've just piled on a ton of blush with the right brush. ;) 
I initially thought that this would be similar with Gaeity but it isn't. It is a lot darker and has more glitter than Gaeity. 

Luster and Angelika

Gaeity - Bright candy pink
Now this is a cool cotton candy pink. While it may look scary in the pan, it goes on wonderfully. I have read reviews that said they found this shade a bit chalky but I really like how it applies and think that it really needs that amount of powder because of its color. 
This is very flattering on my skin and somehow looks natural. As much as I love pink blushes, there are those that make me look more yellow. I find that this blush doesn't do that so I truly adore it! 

Orgasm - Peachy pink with golden shimmer
A shade I don't personally own as I am one of the few persons who does not look good with this blush on. I thought I should give it another go and hope that things work out now haha! I don't think the ever so popular Orgasm needs an introduction as everyone is already familiar with it.

Gaeity and Orgasm

I didn't swatch these heavily. I swatched all the products with 1 swipe so you can see the real colour payoff of each:
Albatross, Gaeity, Luster,  Laguna, Orgasm and Angelika
swatched indoors. natural lighting.

outdoors. natural lighting.

I am very satisfied and happy with this purchase. My favourite shades are Luster and Gaeity.
I still have a couple of NARS reviews I will post soon but I suppose I ought to post about other brands too.

What's your current favourite blush? :)

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