Saturday, September 22, 2012

BURBERRY Sheer Summer Glow

Burberry describes this as an effortless all-in-one highlighting compact. The Limited Edition face product was released with the "Iconic Nudes", Burberry's 2012 summer collection. I knew I just had to get my paws hands on it as soon as I saw it on blogs and the Burberry website.

I kind of figured that if I couldn't use it on my face, I'll just use it on my eyes when I blend out eyeshadows or highlight my blush or as a finishing powder, whichever the case may be. 

A summer glow that lasts all year round? Right... That's easy to achieve in a country like mine. However, for those of you who are from countries with a colder climate, I would suggest checking this powder out (if it's still on stock).

"Effortless" a word you will hear from Burberry's videos on YouTube again and again.  If you browse through their website, you will find that most of the shades are in the neutral family. I am under the impression that their makeup line is targeted towards a more natural but polished look, that well, just looks - effortless yet pretty!

Love the luxe packaging! Very Burberry indeed!
The compact is heavy gunmetal with the Burberry checkered pattern. Like all Burberry products, it has a magnetic closure. It also comes with this light Beige velvet pouch. (Blushes come in a darker velvet pouch.)

Embossed Burberry checkered print. :3 

1 - Bronze with gold and mahogany undertones
2 - Light beige
3 - Peachy champage pink
4 - Neutral cream with golden undertones

Swatched on NC25-30 skin. I would like to caution those with deeper skin tones that this might not show up on your skin and might just work like a finishing powder.

The number 3 shade was the hardest to swatch as it worked more as a highlights that blended perfectly on my skin.

  • Glowing-natural finish that looks like skin, only healthier. True to its name, it imparts a radiant and wonderful glow as if you've just been kissed by the sun on a wonderful summer day. 
  • Goes on very sheer and subtle. One must use the right kind of brush and build up the product. I suggest using a dense powder or blush brush. I have two blushes from Burberry and their pigmentation is not as sheer as this is. I suppose this was meant to be used as a complexion enhancer rather than an actual face colour.
  • As previously stated, it goes on very sheer and it is almost impossible to over apply this product. If any fault at all, it would be that it might not show up on darker skin tones. 
  • Product does not come with an applicator which I don't mind because I rarely use applicators that come with products.
  • Powder is finely milled. Not chalky, and goes on smoothly. The texture is silky, soft and is almost buttery to the touch. Contains very fine shimmers that gives the luminous glow. The shimmers are however barely visible when applied. No chunks or glitter or anything like that. The shimmers in this palette are also not scratchy nor gritty.
  • Multi-tasking product. I use this an an eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and all over face bronzer. I suppose this can also be used as a finishing powder if you can't really get the colours to show up on your skin. I really don't think this can be used as a contour powder due to the shimmers on the palette.
  • Burberry products have a scent to them which I am not so fond of as it reminds me of grandmas and old stuff, but I don't hate it either.
  • Definitely, not cheap but I don't regret purchasing this as it's a wonderful multi-tasking product. It also comes with a lot of product and I don't think I'll ever hit pan on this. 

All colours blended together.  Natural Lighting.
This is actually more visible in real life than it is on this picture. Somehow, the camera somehow managed to wash out the golden-bronze glow.

Close up. 
As you can see from the picture above, the powder has a sheen to it. It is however will not make you look like a walking disco ball. The shimmers as previously stated are very subtle and are not as visible, unless of course you try to look for them one by one.

Picture taken indoors, with flash.
The finish is satin like and almost disappears and looks like skin that's more luminous. 

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