Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tony Roma's

Hello everyone! :) Some of you may be familiar with Tony Roma's since I think they have branches everywhere.

I have always liked eating at Tony Roma's. :P I always end up ordering their chicken barbecue because I absolutely love it!!!

complimentary bread. :3
Notice how I always like taking pictures of complimentary bread? LOL! :P

My sister and my mom. :)

House salad - I forgot what's it called. :P

Onion rings. :3

A little of everything in one platter. Super yummy!! x)

dessert! <3

Randomly taking pictures and ignoring other diners. :P


I should stop posing like this. 

I recommend the place for the following reasons:
- The place is really cozy/comfy.
- Service is great.
- Food tastes wonderful!!! :D

However, it may not be very budget friendly especially to those who do not want to spend money for dining out. Otherwise, I highly recommend ! =)

Do you guys also like barbecue? :3 I also have a mini haul but I'll just post it tomorrow or the day after. ;)

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