Monday, March 28, 2011

Philosophy - Purity made simple (skincare diary)

Hi everyone! This was previously requested by Melanie of Beauty meets Kawaii. :3 I love her tips & posts. Please don't forget to visit her blog.

I have been using this for less than a month. I previously received a sample of this and I bought this product when I used the sample up. I think it's about time to give this a product review.

I bought mine from Beauty Bar for 1,350Php or around $30.

No, I didn't consume this much product on my own - my sister also uses this cleanser.

The packaging is simple and clean. I quite like it.

 The consistency is silky and milky.

The SA told me that this could be used on its own without water as a cleanser. I have tried it and I felt refreshed afterwards. 
It claims that it is a time saving product which - removes makeup, cleanses the skin, tones and moisturizes. Overall I would say that it pretty much does everything it claims. Although you may have to rub to get off water proof makeup. However, I use a separate makeup remover so I don't resort to doing that.

This cleanser has a mild-clean scent which I like - makes me feel relaxed after a long day and wakes me up in the morning. 


1. This product can be applied on dry face with wet hands or dry face and hands. I tend to splash my face with water first then I dispense a pea sized amount of this product.
2. I massage it to my face and leave it for a few minutes so it gets rid of makeup and dirt.
3. I rinse with lukewarm water. :3

- Did not break me out.
- Safe for sensitive skin.
- Leaves my skin clean and supple.
- Does not sting or irritate my eyes.
- Does not dry out skin like other facial foams/soaps;
- Moisturizing.

- Pricey.
- A pump would be very much appreciated.
- Might not remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup. 
- Does not have anti-aging benefits. :P

I will definitely buy this when it runs out. :3 I think the pros of this product outweighs the cons and are rather insignificant IMO. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Random pictures I took while I was on the North Luzon Expressway. Both photos were shot inside a moving vehicle. :3

Have a great week everyone! :3

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