Thursday, March 3, 2011

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation

Most people nowadays aim for the "No makeup makeup look." I know it sound quite ironic but I guess everyone wants to be pretty without overdoing it, and well, just look naturally beautiful. :3

I was in the department store buying toiletries when I passed by the makeup section and the S.A. at Max Factor said I should try their new foundation. A week later, I came back and bought it. (YAY!!! for not buying on impulse. :p )

"For a full coverage, polished make-up look with a surprisingly weightless feel, enhance your natural features with our Xperience Make-Up Collection. It's everyday luxury." (Taken from MF's site)

The Xperience Make-Up Collection also has Xperience Sheer Gloss Lip Balm and a mascara. I would just like to say that the mascara seems very promising! Although I didn't pick it up because I have 3 mascaras right now. 

You can view their products and their description HERE.

Beautiful flawless skin – doesn't that mean a thick, full coverage foundation? Not with our new Xperience Weightless Foundation. Its formula contains natural jojoba extract, gives flawless coverage with a surprisingly air - light feel. (Taken from MF's site)

First apply Xperience Weightless Foundation with your fingers. You'll instantly feel the silky weightlessness. Work your way outwards from your T-zone blending softly towards the edges. Finish by sweeping a foundation brush over your face to achieve that air-brushed look. For a more dewy finish, smooth the foundation in, use light 'dappling' movements using your fingertips. This creates a beautiful, soft-focus effect and really helps the foundation to blend into the skin to give a perfectly smooth finish.

The product comes in a tube which, while not very appealing is nice because you can control the amount of product that you want to dispense.


Because I want to give you ladies an accurate swatch I always re-do my swatches. ^_^

Please do not scroll down if you hate seeing my face. LOL! You have been warned. 

As can be seen from the picture the foundation does not cover imperfections. 
It is very light. Probably the lightest of all the foundations I have tried as of date. However, I wouldn't say that it is completely weightless. It feels good during initial application and makes skin velvety and soft to touch.

As I previously pointed out. The foundation does not hide pores, wrinkles, eyebags and other skin imperfections.I have not tried layering it but I suppose it can be done. But I suggest using a concealer when using this product.

Picture taken with flash.


1. After skincare (Toner, serum, moisturizer & sunblock) I apply a primer and let it set.
2. I squeeze the tube then use my fingers to warm the product with my fingers.
3. I pat it on my face especially on the areas where I have skin imperfections.
4. *Pat-dab-pat-dab-pat-dab-pat all over the face. I try not to rub the foundation on my face. I merely like to pat it on.
5. I use a brush to smoothen out everything and get an airbrushed effect. xD
6. I lightly dust a finishing powder on my face.

Other thoughts on the product:

- It has a scent which reminds me of cucumbers however the scent dissipates after a few minutes.

- This foundation has a very nice texture and feels so velvety and soft to the touch. Why, if they sold it as lotion I would have bought it without giving it much thought! :p

- For your reference I am NC30 in MAC and the shade Brown Hessian perfectly matches my skin. 
The S.A. said I should get Raw Silk because the foundation will oxidize but I said foundations don't oxidize on me. So I went and bought other stuff before I went back to buy it and prove my point. 
So if foundation oxidizes on your skin you might want to try it on for at least an hour or so before purchasing.

- Limited shades available so finding the perfect match for your skin can be a problem. I think there were only four shades.

- This does nothing for my skin's oiliness and after 2-3 hours my skin starts to get oily. While it does not oxidize on me, I find that it feels kind of tacky to the touch after a few hours. >o<" 

- As I previously said, this will not conceal imperfections. The product is quite sheer.

- While it is not as expensive as other brands I still feel that Php995 is expensive for a drug store foundation. 

- The SPF is rather low better use a sunblock or other products with SPF.

- It photographs well or at least I think it does - it will not cast a ghostly white cast on your face on pictures.


This is perfect for the upcoming summer because it doesn't feel as heavy as other foundations in the market.
I would recommend this foundation to those who are looking for a light-weight foundie that doesn't clog pores. However if you have skin problems, you might want to skip this one. 

All opinions expressed are my own - our experiences may vary. While this foundation is not H.G. material I will still use it for pictures and for everyday. :3

Have you found your H.G. foundation? ^-^ Do you change your foundation as the season changes? 

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