Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Real Thing Diner @ Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato

Last night we had dinner at The Real Thing Diner at Il Terazzo in Tomas Morato. This is a popular destination among foodies I suppose as you can probably google it and see many blogger reviews on it.

Yes, it is Coca Cola inspired. :3 Hence, the name is a tag line of one of Coke's commercials a while back.

Inside the diner.

More pictures.

What the interiors look like.

 I ended up looking at this display stand.

I think its the polar bear that attracted me to this stand. x)

hi cute coca-cola polar bear. :3

mini coke bottles.

Coke collector's item.

Coke memorabilia. I obviously chose this one due to the shape
which is kind of rounded and cute. :3

Enky says Bea gets featured on my blog more so my baby is being extra-cooperative 
with pictures. 

Sweet Strawberry Milkshake 

Sarsi Float

 Cinnamon Snifter

Coca-Cola Eggnog

Cherry Coke

Sarsi Fish 'n Chips
 8 O'Clock Chicken

Tru-Orange Porkchop

NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - Ginger Sprite Tiger Prawns

Most of their food is marinated in Coke, Sprite and Royal Tru Orange even Eight o' clock. =)

I usually do not like to complain on my blog, however in this case I can say that the place is overrated. The food was flat and too bland for my liking. But hey, it could just be me right? The price is reasonable, cheap even. Food presentation is also great, but I don't think I'll be going back. 

Also for some reason the server failed to take down my order of Coca-Cola Baby Back Ribs, hence I ended up eating pasta at Jack's Loft downstairs. Jack's Loft is <3!! :P I could finish 2 aquarium iceteas in one sitting; their cheesecakes are divine but I forgot to take pictures because I was hungry.

By the way sister Enky was featured in Power Plant Mall's Sartorial Friday 03.11.11 + 03.18.11
You can check their Facebook page HERE.

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