Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dior Addict Lip Glow (Color Reviver Balm)

Description: Nobody will ever kiss quite like you with Dior's sensationally sheer lip balm that responds to the color chemistry of your own lips to create a shade uniquely yours. Smooth it on to moisturize, add sun protection and enhance your own natural lip color instead of hiding it. 

Warning - Pretty products must cam whore so I took loads of pictures:

SRP - 1,500.00 Php
Yes, the price is rather steep for a lip balm; I'm really desperate for a good balm because my lips have been terribly dry lately for as long as I can remember. 

I will state the cons of the product first:

1. Price - As I previously stated, it's expensive for a lip balm. 
2. It is always out of stock at their counter at Rustan's. You might want to reserve one if you wish to purchase, unless you get lucky and you are there when they restock.
3. Runs out quickly. I'm always halfway through mine.

The packaging is so pretty! :3

Comes in a clear Pink plastic cap and the tube itself is made of metal. I have no complaints about it whatsoever.

Contains 10 SPF. A definite plus for a lip product! :)

The CD logo.

The actual product is slanted so it glides on the lips easily and application is a breeze! :)

- I am not sure of it's plumping properties. I have never noticed any difference on my lips after application.
-  No weird taste; it has a scent but it does not bother me.
- Compared to other lip balms I have tried, this keeps my lips moisturized for a long time. I would only have to re-apply after I eat and before I sleep. The color may fade when worn for long periods though.

Are you girls familiar with the magic lipstick? It has the same concept but the magic lipstick stains the lips and leaves, accentuates lines on the lips and makes my lips patchy. This on the other hand applies evenly and never settles on the lines of my lips. Oh, this also looks more natural as long as you don't overdo the application.

Swatch. The color changes from light pink to red depending on the person's body chemistry. 
On me, it's a reddish-pink. It looks natural and has a natural and lovely sheen to it. Something I'd definitely wear on my lazy days because of the extra SPF it contains. And, I won't look weird or undone even if I have it on! :D

NOTE: Applying several layers will give you Neon Pink lips. I am not kidding; remember to use the product sparingly.

Repurchase? Most likely. Will try the Becca Butter Balm when I run out of this product.

Will post a FOTD next time. :P

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