Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weddings & Heart aches...

A message to my brother and wife to be---

I, as the eldest child would like to take this opportunity to speak in behalf of my family.

We - Jammy and I grew up together. When we were kids people used to remark what a fine young boy he was while I was constantly thought of as the despicable brat. I used those criticisms constructively and kept them in mind and up to this day I still strive to prove those people wrong. Being the stubborn brat that I am, I never liked listening to people and what they think of me. All through my life, I have followed and have only looked up to one person, and that person is my father.

Jammy is indeed a good catch. He is handsome and is a fine young man. He bears my father's name being the oldest son in the family. I suppose having your father's name attached leads to high expectations. Especially since the senior has done well in his life. (and the siblings are expected to out-do the father)

My brother may not be the most assertive person in the world but he does have a temper. Ironically sometimes, he just tends to clam up when he is troubled and likes to eat fine food. He has, over the years, struggled in learning how to run a business while working with my dad.

We were taught the same values in life and family. Yet, our personalities have always differed even when we were kids. Jammy is not a brat like I am. All throughout our lives, our parents have done nothing but work hard to give us the best that they could provide. I never settle and work hard to get what I like and will not stop until I get it. What I want are the finer things in life. My  brother, on the other hand, has his own ideas and opinions, which I try to give the benefit of doubt to. I have learned that siblings will always be different from each other and that they will take different paths in life.

It is with all sincerity that I wish that him all the best in his choices. For Marriage is a solemn and sacred sacrament entered only for the sole reason of establishing a family life with one person, forever.

As this day comes, and as my brother takes his vow with his wife-to-be, I in turn will utter a prayer for him - "may he have a happy and fruitful family life." I also pray that your children will love and respect him. That they will look up to him, love him and cherish him as much as I did my father. I wish that he will be able to impart the values that he learned and that were taught to us.

I have come to realize that parents will always look out for their children and will do everything they can to protect them and make them happy even if the same would mean that their hearts will break. My parents have set a good example of this, and I hope Jammy has learned from them.

Marriage is a step forward in life - a happy decision for most. Should my brother find the need to look back, he would, only to be able to get the lessons he learned from the past to make his new life work out.

It is time for us to let Jammy go, so he may continue to learn on his own...

To his wife to be - best wishes! Please take care of my brother. 

Good luck to the both of you. May God guide and bless your union...

Sugar Lagamayo
April 15, 2011

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