Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paul & Joe Pearl Powder in 04 After Glow

I remember asking Marlon, the SA at Paul & Joe Rustan's what he was wearing because his skin had a lovely sheen to it and he was glowing. He then showed me this powder. 

This lightweight shimmer powder will add an extra twinkle to your eyes and delivers a gorgeous sparkle. Achieve a soft, subtle effect when applied dry, or experience radiance when applied wet. Unwrap your wild side and experiment with these tinsel-tinted colors! 
Description taken from this link.

I picked up the shade Afterglow (04)

A feminine pink that leaves a lasting afterglow

This is pink when applied to the cheeks. It gives a very lovely glow. I know it kind of looks a bit purplish here but it's a pink and just makes the skin look more radiant.

I was told that this can be used as an eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and can also be used for the lips. :3 So it's an all around product.

- A little goes a long way since I think these is a pigment.
- Be careful not to spill the product as it might get everywhere.
- I just use a brush and dab it on the lid of the pigment then I tap it once to get rid of the excess.
- Mix it with a clear/sheer lip gloss and you'll get a very lovely shade of lip gloss.
- Apply it to your cheeks for a lovely glow.

- Long lasting. 
- You get a lot of the product.
- Very pigmented.
- It is an all around product.
- Powder is finely milled and there are no chunks of shimmer on it.

- Availability. Paul & Joe products are hard to find and only a few countries have a branch. There's only one in the Philippines and it's located at Rustan's, Makati.
- As much as I love the packaging I would love a sifter on the jar because there is a tendency to get the powder spilled all over.

- There's a lot of product so this isn't that expensive but isn't cheap either. This costs 1,150Php or around $25.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! (0:3

Do you girls collect pigments? What are your favorites?

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