Friday, April 29, 2011

Etude House - Aqua Cure Facial Mist III (Vitamin Water)

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the lack of recent updates. I actually have too many products to review but so little time to post nowadays. :/ Can any of you lovely ones relate to my dilemma? LOL! xD

The summer heat in Manila is scorching hot, not in a good way because a few minutes outside makes me sweaty. It makes me feel so dirty and grimey. -o-

I was walking around Manila the other day because I needed to fix some papers. I went to the University of Santo Tomas and was walking around Recto and the Malacanang Area. At around 4pm my eyesight was blocking out and I was sweating!!! I called my sister to complain. :P I heard there were people dying from heat stroke in the Philippines the other day. That kind of scared me.. :/ I also thought about the condition of my skin in the weather we were having sooo....

I originally intended to pick up the Max Fix Plus and I still intend to this weekend so I can compare the two products. I don't use this on top of my makeup or use it to moisten my brush like Marge does.

I just use it to refresh my face before I leave the house and in the middle of the day or whenever I feel like I want to.
The bottle was full when I got it but I already used it. ^-^ 
I just wanted to show everyone what the product looked like in its original packaging.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Skin Care formulated with Alaskan Glacial Mineral Water to supply cooling moisture and essential skin nourishment Facial moisture spray supplies anti-inflammatory efficacy, minerals and cool sensation to skin.

Ok... I can't read Korean so let's pretend that this side has the directions. :p
DIRECTIONS: Hold bottle 15-20cm distance from face when spraying, Spray mist over facial surface to supply moisture and refreshment to skin.

There are 3 variants but I chose Vitamin Water because the scent reminds me of grapefruit & pomelos! :3


- I use mine after my sunblock has settled on my skin. :3 I just spray 3 spritz. Errmmm I tend to get carried away and spray 5 at certain times just because I love the scent but you shouldn't especially if you intend to use it over or under makeup.
- I think this can be used with makeup although I haven't because I don't want to wear makeup in the sweltering heat nowadays.
- I carry mine wherever I go to instantly give my skin a boost whenever I feel re-hydrated. :)
- Transfer it to a smaller atomizer if you think the bottle is too big to carry around.

- Perfect & quick way to refresh the face and re-hydrate skin without having to wash the face. =)
- The mist is very finer than Juice Beauty's Hydrating Mist.
- The scent is so refreshing! It's not overwhelming and dissipates after a minute or so of application.
- Affordable! This costs Php 448 or is about or under $10.
- Bottle is sturdy and is not likely to melt or get deformed despite the summer heat. :P

- Can't think of any except it may be hard to get outside Asia.

I am so addicted to this product! <3 I keep spraying it on my face hahaha! =))

My cousin visited us the other day and brought his 11 month old daughter.
She is too fluffy! I love her to bits. <3

She is also smart. She knows how to pose for the camera. Whenever she sees a camera she poses and holds her pose hahahaha! Isn't she adorable?

Random thought - This is actually the first time me and my brother Enrico felt that we are dark skinned. :P Baby Bela is so fair LOL! =))

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