Thursday, November 22, 2012

Figs and ROUGE 100% Organic Balm in Sweet Geranium

Such a pretty tin can! :3 Makes me think of days that have gone by... And by that statement I mean days before I was even born. Hahaha! :) The tin can is just so pretty and feminine. 

100% Organic! Definitely gets tons of plus points.
This is a multi tasking product that can be applied to the skin, nails and lips. For more tips, please refer to their site. As for me:
  • I tried this out as a lip balm, but decided that it was not a really good idea. 
  • I use it on my hands sometimes.
  • I use it on dry patches of my skin and it does get the job done.

Consistency - Balmy. Heavy, thick, and rich. Upon application, it instantly re-hydrates the skin.

Fragrance/scent - Rather strong and lingers on for a few minutes. If you like the scent that you will be getting as they have other scents, then you will appreciate that the product's scent does tend to stay for a while. I am guessing that the scent is reminiscent of Sweet Geranium, although I cannot attest to such as I don't think I have smelled a Sweet Geranium before, or I may have but it does not seem to register on my mind.. The scent does not bother me, but I'm not crazy about it either.  I prefer sweet, fruity or dessert smelling scents over florally ones when it comes to these type of products.

Price - Affordable. 

It is now available at Don't you just love it when you can purchase products you wanted to try but couldn't get your hands on before? :)

White inside the tin but goes on translucent.

This is an okay product for me. It works, but it does not have any long term benefits or whatsoever. I would opt for other products, but that's just me being me. For the price, it's still worth what you are getting. I also have the famous Lucas Papaw Ointment and between this and that, I prefer this product as Lucas Papaw tends to dry out my skin and leave it patchy. 

This balm from Penelope as a prize when I won a giveaway she held months ago on her blog. :)

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