Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cuteness Overload!!! Anika :3

Say hello to Anna Mikaela A.K.A. Anika. Currently, the youngest of my first cousins once removed. Last Sunday she was baptized and I became her god mother so she's also my god daughter or "inaanak" as we call it in Filipino.
Her eye color was not edited; it's just a bit different from what we Asians have gotten used to. It was also one of the first things I have noticed when I first saw her at the nursery. I thought, "WOW! She doesn't need contact lenses haha!" 

Oh my gosh!! She's sooo adorable and she knows how to pose! xD 

with her mommy and daddy. 
Awwww... She's uber cute. She didn't cry during the whole ceremony and was just observing what the people around her were doing.

"You have come into the world so tiny, Yet with such great promise for the future. Before you were even born, God planned wonderful things for you. As you are baptised, May you feel His love And the love of those around you, And may you always follow in His way.

I prayed for her to grow up to be a fine, God fearing lady. Of course I added that I hope she will be pretty, intelligent and a good daughter to her parents. :)

Group picture! Spot me and my cousins hahahaha! 

Sovenirs and giveaways for those who attended. :3

I took loads some of these  yummy chocolate bars home. The nutritional facts read, "one cute little girl". I thought hat was really cute too! :)

As a god parent, I was given one of these yummy cakes and I already ate everything! It was yummy! :D

with her mom and Tita Hamham. I love this expression on her hahahaha! xD 

I asked Bela to take pictures of herself with an iPhone and she did! :)

Here's a video of Hamham, Jaqs and I.

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