Monday, December 12, 2011

The Gift of Kiehl's!!!

Hello! I wanted to share this with everyone because I think it's a great deal. Those who have been wanting to try their products but are thinking twice because of the prize should check out this gift packs/kits:

For the boyfriend, your dad , your brother or any other guy you know is into skincare or would like to introduce to taking better care of their skin. 

For your friend or officemate.

For your mom, dad, grandmother or yourself. :) I've tested these products and both work really well! 

For those with sensitive skin. :)

For people with oily skin such as your younger sister or brother and friends.

 I totally recommend this set! :)

For vain men - Yes, they do exist! 

Pore problems no more. :)

The total set for those with sensitive skin.

I also recommend this awesome set! :D 
Remind me that I owe you a review of the Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate because that stuff is truly amazing! :)

A little of everything for a very special person that could be you too! :D

I scanned the leaflet that I got from Kiehl's. :) I  think this would make wonderful gifts to your loved ones and to yourself! HAHAHA! 

Last Saturday I went shopping with my father for gifts after a meeting. While we were in Greenbelt, he said he wanted to switch to Kiehl's because he thinks my skin as well as my mom's skin ha improved. I helped him shop for some skin and hair products and we purchased 2 "Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Kits". He told me to get what I wanted so don't blame me for buying. :P It's his fault for enabling me - I was trying very hard to resist. Just a while ago I opened my kit to take pictures but found that mine contained "The Creme de Corps Total Care" items which are also amazing but I really wanted to get the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense products. :(( I hope I can exchange the kit when I'm in Makati. :/ I'm seriously sad about it so I won't be posting my recent haul. (Yes, I'm that shallow sometimes. hehehe! I've been complaining to my dad and he said I should stop worrying and just return the items.)
I'm trying to locate the receipt! And if you follow my blog, you will know that I am not actually the most organized person on earth. I forget my camera at events sometimes and I tend to misplace things a whole lot. E.g. my laptop and other stuff.

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