Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An unexpected Haul

I said I would go on a shopping ban. I am trying to save up for gifts for my family and friends this Christmas and some things I wanted which aren't beauty related. I seriously don't need more makeup at the moment but shopping with my parents proved to be hard as they kept telling me to get things for myself. :P I don't like stressing myself or people around me so I obliged but proceeded with great caution. (Note the use of the word caution.)

My father will always be my favorite shopping buddy. He is the most generous person I know; he's always on a hurry, he would let me buy things so just I won't be a brat and waste his time.

Lipstick M in 003 Gotham

Everyone needs a gorgeous red color around this time of the year.

My 2nd ddung doll. :) I really want to collect these dolls because I find them really cute.

A gift set from Kiehl's.

My set was supposed to contain these items inside. 

I re-purchased Ultimate White Intensive Whitening Essence and received a bunch of travel sized samples. YAYYY!!!!!

Thank you duddy for buying everything for me. :3 Don't worry, I won't run off and leave with a guy very soon. 
A few nights ago, I showed my father a picture of my crush. He sternly told me that if I planned to marry someone like that, I ought to start working very hard and not stop because no amount of money will be enough to keep the guy around. -__- I asked him if he thought I looked like a monkey and he just smiled. HOW MEAN CAN HE BE? LOL! Up to now, he refuses to detract from his statement. GAAAHHHH!!! Hahahaha! :D

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Aya said...

My dad's kinda like that when we shop too. I just grab everything I want and then put them in his shopping cart after. We don't shop often, though. Hahaha!

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