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Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate - skincare diary

The line eraser with 10.5% Vitamin C. As potent as Retinol without the sensitivity.

•Formulated with a 10.5% Pure Vitamin C, Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is clinically-demonstrated to improve overall skin texture, tone and radiance while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

•Superior results over Retinol at 8 weeks on skin texture, tone and lines and wrinkles. 

•Gives your skin a triple boost by stimulating collagen production, providing anti-oxidant protection and exfoliating skin to reveal healthier-looking skin. 
•Use both day and night under your ideal moisturizer. (source)

As we get older, we tend to get wiser and more wrinkly. :P  I'm not so sure if the former is applicable to everyone, but I am quite sure that the latter applies to most of us.

I am guilty of frowning a lot, I also smile and laugh a lot, so I guess it's pretty normal for me to have wrinkles fine lines around my age. (Actually, I blame all my wrinkles on law school. LOL! Kidding!)  The very lovely Blair requested for this review. She had asked me about it on Twitter. I think she has seen it on some popular Taiwanese show. :)

Directions: Cleanse and tone face first then apply 1-2 pumps as needed.
I only apply this to certain areas of my face such as my forehead and laugh lines. I usually layer this with other products and only apply it before I go to bed.

It comes in a simple Dark Brown bottle. The pump has  a stopper and can be swiveled from left to right to prevent product spillage. I should say, I love the pump because it doesn't dispenses the right amount of product! :)

It is creamy-white and goes on translucent. Blends and gets absorbed quickly once applied on skin. I have noticed that it turns into a tan-orange when it is exposed to air and not applied to skin. (Yes, I am that curious.) To the touch, it feels like a silicone based product so it does make the face smoother.
The scent is hardly traceable and faint, it does not bother me at all.

Goes on translucent and gets absorbed quickly.
It feels warm once applied on skin, though not a burning sensation; you will certainly feel a tingling and warm sensation, which should only last for a few seconds or so. It is gentle and should not sting. Well, unless of course you use it in sensitive areas like your eyes, then that will hurt.  

After application, the product gets absorbed and is no longer detectable to the naked eye.

A word of warning! Do not apply near the eye area. I have been told that it plumps skin, and might make your eyebags more visible and plumped. So avoid the eye area when using this product. (You will be sorry if you don't, as this product may sting your peepers.) 

I have also tried using this with makeup - As it makes the skin smooth, one can skip primer and just apply makeup over it. It does make the lines on my forehead less noticeable. While it might not help the lasting power of the makeup, I'd still say that it is a great primer because makeup goes over it smoothly. I usually use a liquid foundation on top of it. Just be sure to give it ample time to get absorbed by the skin before proceeding with foundation application.

I use about a pump and a half for my forehead and laugh lines. While the product may seem a bit expensive, I am pretty sure that it will last a long time, about six months or so. It might vary from consumer to consumer as you may use more product that I do. 

Overall, I am impressed with this product as I have been with Kiehl's other products! I have noticed that the lines on my forehead have been less visible since I started using this. I use it in conjunction with other skincare products which are mostly from Kiehl's. I find that the Dermatologist Solutions line does not break me out and keeps my skin soft and supple. I shall keep repurchasing this product because I am highly satisfied with the results. 

I hope I reviewed the right product for Blair. My mother used the Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler for specific areas with deep wrinkles. I assume that it is targeted towards older age groups.

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