Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder in 02 Light Brown

This was given to me by my little sister since she has too many eyebrow powders, and well, I did not have any because my eyebrows are quite thick. However, I have noticed that the flash most of the times washed out my eyebrows and highlighted the sparse area (*insert a picture of Mona Lisa here), that made me consider filling in my brows like most people do because I do not want to look like Mona Lisa even if most of you think she is beautiful! :p

It has also come to my attention that eyebrows play a major role in framing our features. As such, I am very happy to be given a chance to stick to a brand that I love and trust. (And if my little sister didn't give this to me, I would have bought one for myself anyway. xD)

Don't settle for the one-color-fits-all attitude of other eyebrow colors! Paul & Joe Beaute Eyebrow Powder - 02 Light Brown provides you with two shades for more options in blending color to match your natural brow. The soft formula blends well to create a gradation of natural-looking colors. Light Brown contains a light and medium brown color.
.07 oz (source)

Comes in a small and elegant compact and a brush, making it portable for traveling. :)


The eyebrow Powder contains two colors - A light and Medium Brown.

Comes with this handy brush that works well with the product.
Hooray for applicators that actually work!!


- I use both colors for my brows. I use the lighter one to fill in the gaps and the sparse area between my brows and I use the darker shade for the outer part of my eyebrows to emphasize the line. :) I also sometimes mix both brow colors for a more intense color since thick brows are in for the holidays. 

- It may seem a bit crumbly in the picture above and in real life it does have a fall out but the fall out is tolerable. I sometimes spray the brush with mac charged water or plain water for maximum effect and I find that it works better when I use a damp brush. The colors may come out as a bit sheer but are build-able. You may opt for softer or stronger looking brows that would not look as harsh.

- I have no complaints with this particular eyebrow powder and find it very easy to work with. It's almost fool proof! It does not give me harsh looking brows and blends well with my hair color. I think the pigmentation is decent as too much would make your eyebrows stand out and look fake. The finish is matte and natural. 

- It also doesn't smudge like some eyebrow type eyebrow pencils. It's such a horrible site when the eyebrow pencil/powder begins to smudge and get all over. >.<

- I really can't think of any con. I have already stated that I don't mind paying extra as long as the product is worth it, but for those who are on a tight budget, the price is something you may want to consider. Although it comes in such a small compact, there is a lot of product inside the pan! I have had this for months and there's still a lot of product inside. 

- For FOTDs you may look at the ones I have posted. I will also be posting more since this is my everyday go to brow powder. :)

UPDATE: Jenny posted about our swap HERE. I sent her some Paul & Joe items too! :)
By the way, Paul & Joe is having another sale!  Look for Marlon! He will help you with your needs. :3

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