Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snapshots ~ November 1, 2011

Hello everyone! I realize I've been remiss in my duties as a blogger but believe me I have my reasons and as much as I want to update this blog and go visit everyone's blog, a lot of things have prevented me from doing so.

Anyway, I'm still here! And I shall try to keep up with my back log as well as go visit everyone's blog really soon.

November 1, All Saints Day is a legal and non working holiday in the Philippines. Most Filipinos go to the cemetery to visit their late relatives, to utter a prayer or light a candle; some bond with their other relatives; 
and of course, we all eat a lot! LOL! 

Our family had 2 lechons "roasted pigs" YAY! I definitely pigged out at my grandfather's house that day. :P NOTE TO MYSELF: See the reason why you're getting f-a-t.

Roses, more than a dozen I suppose with candles.
I suspect it was my Mom's idea to have candles of different colors although she told me that she only wanted us to use white candles.

Departed relatives mausoleum.

My uncle showing me some techie stuff on his iPad. :P As I said, we pinoys bond with our relatives during this time.

I caught this baby playing with a candle!

For those who have lost loved ones and friends, I hope they all find eternal peace. We Christians believe in the concept of heaven so I'm ending this post with this picture. It's always comforting to know that our loved ones have moved on to a better place. :3

But wait!!! We also got stuck in traffic!!! LOL! Baby Hamham and I decided to take photos. I won't be posting the list of products I used because the pictures are kind of blurred.

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