Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nivea Philippines invites you to Kiss Mark! :)

Hello everyone! I was invited to an event hosted by Nivea Philippines a couple of weeks ago but was not able to go because of schedule constraints. I would like to keep everyone updated so you can also get a shot at winning prizes from Nivea.

To play the game, CLICK HERE or go to www.facebook.com/NIVEAPhilippines and click on the Kiss Mark tab.

A picture of the Online Cosmo Hunk for November. 
Picture is from Nivea Phils.

Nivea reminds you of 3 things to remember in playing Kiss Mark:

1. Select the proper NIVEA lip care product. Selecting a proper lip care product on a specific scene would give you maximum points.
2. Keep in mind that the goal of the game is to kiss/click Mark as many times as you can.
3. Remember that you can tilt the odds of the game by logging in your purchase to blast away the competition.

I say:
1. Get your mouses ready and get ready to click away - follow the instructions above and just click kiss Mark as many times as you can!

Get a chance to win goodies from Nivea Lip Care - YAY! Who doesn't want goodies?

Leave a comment below if you wish to know more about the Nivea lip products. I'll do a separate post on it. Good luck! :3

For photos of the event click on the following link

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