Sunday, November 13, 2011

Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Natural

Physicians Formunal Happy Booster in Natural
I've been lemming for this product for months since I saw youtubers rave about it. Thankfully a very dear friend sent it to me! :) YAY!!!! Sometimes lemmings turn out to be a good thing such as in this case.

While it does not really boost my mood. It gives a natural blush on my cheeks which make my skin appear young and happy. :P
I guess looking at the hearts will also make users happier. Cheers for cute pink hearts! LOL!

Glow & Mood Boosting Blush

The packaging is plastic but has a metallic finish. A brush and a mirror can be found in the bottom of the compact. 

Comes with this tacky looking brush which I haven't used at all. 

taken with flash. Indoor lighting.

without flash.

First off the color payoff amazed me. The product is pigmented and gives a rosy-pink glow. It contains shimmers as you can see on the swatches above but the shimmers are hardly noticeable when blended out. It gives a pretty pink radiant flush.   

This is such a wonderful product! It's affordable and theproduct is amazing. It is not the smoothest or creamiest blusher I have tried to date; but it is easy to apply, blendable and goes on beautifully on the skin. 
Lasting power is great. While it does not last all day on my oily skin, I think it exceeded my expectations.

I don't like the brush - the packaging looks tacky to me. Mine has scratch marks all over. It might also be a bit hard to acquire if you live outside the United States of America. I am not sure on the shade range of the Happy Booster blushes but this might also not work for those with darker skin tones and might come off more as a highlight than a blush.

Have you tried any of the Happy Booster blushes?

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