Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Masks + My Beauty Diary 15 Sampler Pack

Both masks were gifts from Jenny.

SexyLook Hello KKitty Ultra Moisturizing Pink Sakura Double Lifting Mask (pink)

SexyLook Hello Kitty Brightening Firming White Rose Double Lifting Mask (White)

Don't forget to wash and cleanse the face before applying the mask. Leave on for about 20-30 minutes. SexyLook Hello Kitty masks are loaded with essence. I applied the extra essence for my face and neck. 

1.Soothing and cooling effect- very relaxing!
2. Brightening effect.  
3. Did not break me out.
4. Smells great.
5. Affordable.

1. Not locally available.

I really like the Hello Kitty masks, although I can't say much on the claim of lifting it does brighten the skin for a few hours after use. Perhaps regular use would reap better results but I have only had 2 masks. -_-

So, I planned to get Sexy Look Hello Kitty Masks as well as My Beauty Diary's Earl Grey Macaron masks, but I'm so impatient at waiting for pre-order so I ordered these instead. :P I bought this from wehaveit143, a seller who I know is patient and trust worthy. :) 

My Beauty Diary 15 Sampler Pack

15 Sampler Pack contains:
1. Bulgarian White Rose Mask 1 piece
2. Black Pearl Mask 1 piece
3. Strawberry Yogurt Mask 1 piece
4. Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask 1 piece
5. Mixed Berries Mask 1 piece
6. Cooling Mask 1 piece
7. Red Vine Mask 1 piece
8. Apple Polyphenol Mask 1 piece
9. Sake Yeast Mask 1 piece
10. Q10 Rejuvenating Mask 1 piece
11. Pearl Powder Mask 1 piece
12. Yogurt Mask 1 piece
13. Provence Lavander Mask 1 piece
14. Natto Mask 1 piece
15. Aloe Mask 1 piece
+ 2 Extra Masks!  

Mask Features:

1. Pearl Powder remove dullness, skin get nourished
2. Apple Polyphenol pore refining
3. Red Wine lifting & anti-oxidizing, promote circulation
4. Aloe nourish with moisture
5. Black Pearl for whitening and improve skin elasticity
6. Q10 co-enzyme anti-ageing, skin lifting & refining
7. Bulgarian White Rose soothing, purifying & whitening
8. Lavender relieve stress, anti-allergic, skin softening
9. Rice-Peptides lifting & revitalizing
10. Icy Cooling relieve sun burn, refresh skin
11. Yogurt oil control while moisturizing
12. Sake Wine whitening, improve tranlucency
13. Plantinum deep whitening & remove lines
14. White Truffle deep whitening, scar removing
15. Natto high moisturizing
16. Mixed Berries brightening and firming

What's your favorite face mask? :)

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