Monday, November 7, 2011

Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eye Liner in 01 Brownish Black

Description: Top of the line liquid-type eye liner that dries quickly. Comes in two colors: 01 Brownish Black and 02 Greenish Gray.

I got the ink refill in Brownish Black.
 "Brownish Black naturally gives your eyes an impressive appearance." 
I was under the impression that a Brownish Black eyeliner would be great for everyday use since it would be less harsh than Black.

 The pen-type holder is sold separately from the ink refill. 

I like the pen holder. You have to screw the cap off - you wouldn't have to worry about travelling with the eyeliner because you will be assured that it won't just get opened when squeezed in a bag that is full of makeup.

The brush tip is very fine and precise. One can also take out the ink refill and wash it.

Swatch. The tip is very thin and precise. It can draw a very thin line when you use a light hand. 

I had great hopes for this eyeliner. I've actually bought many eyeliners lately. I was hoping that this would become a favorite but sadly, it isn't. I like the idea of the refill ink since the refill is not that expensive at around 700Php. 
I find that it isn't as water proof nor budge proof as K-Palette's 24/7 eyeliner is. When worn for more than 8 hours it fades. While the brush is very precise and allows the user to draw a very thin line the formula is very thin and skips. So you'd have to go over the line for about a couple to three times. 
The ink refill contains a lot of product inside but since you'd have to repeatedly coat the line you've drawn that much product is still a waste.

Sigh... :(

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