Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bolinao 2012 - I did go back!

If you're wondering where I have been while I was not blogging.

Here's my sister, the Hamham. :3 So far away~
I did state that I was going back to Bolinao last year, did I not? I just find Bolinao very relaxing and it isn't as crowded as some beaches are. The people there are also very warm and helpful. I guess I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

The seashore at Bolinao.

Coconut trees by the shore. 

Here's the Princess Hamham, again. :)

Getting ready to have my pictures taken by the sunset.

HAHAHAHAAH!!! This is how to ruin a perfectly good background. 
Fail x 999

Another day, another chance (to take pictures and not mess up perhaps).

Breakfast consisted of ripe mangoes and binungay, a local delicacy that you must try in case you happen to be in Bolinao. Glutinous rice with coconut milk cooked inside a bamboo. :)

Walking by the seashore. 

I found these star fishes.

WAAAIIITTT!!! The rock is slippery and it's burning the soles of my feet. 
How to ruin a picture 101 by me. 

Okay, let's have another go at it. I'll pose like this. :)

These sea urchins were nestled on top of the rock I was sitting on.

We also visited the Enchanted Cave.

I'm the official photographer and all I have is my iPhone. Hahaha!

Inside the cave. Sorry for the lighting.

Outside the cave. The people here have developed the area and keep it clean. They have a resort and it's quite nice.

On the way to the lighthouse.

I believe this is an old lighthouse. 

The 400 year old Church of St. James.

I absolutely hate it when the sand gets in my feet and I had a lot of scratches from the rocks on the cave. However, going to Bolinao is such a good experience especially when you spend it with wonderful people you care for. I guess this is a permanent destination for me whenever I need to take some time off. 

I was supposed to post a review today but the sun does not want to work with me. I did take pictures but they all came out blurry so I will just try again tomorrow. I'm trying to blog again, so I hope you enjoy this post somehow. :)

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