Friday, May 11, 2012

BECCA Beach Tint in Fig and Grapefruit

Sunny mornings and rainy afternoons - we are headed towards the rainy season but my love for BECCA beach tints is growing stronger despite the changes in the weather.

BECCA's beach tints are waterproof so getting drenched in the rain wouldn't be a problem, because it will stay put. Yes, I have tested this on the beach and I can say that the beach tints are waterproof. Of course it will fade a little but as I have previously statedon my  BECCA's Beach Tint in Raspberry review HERE, the beach tint won't look weird as the color lightens on the face. 

I have purchased 2 more beach tints.
(I am wondering if I could combine the colors and come up with a new one? Maybe I should pick up more.)
For those who are not familiar with Beach tints, these are products that come in a tube in different colors. Probably is one if not the top selling BECCA product. As the name implies, they are tints that impart a healthy wash of color on the face or lips. All beach tints can be used on the cheeks as well as on the lips. The texture is like melted butter, meaning it is runny but still has a bit of creaminess to it. Beach tints are also very easy to apply and work with. One can layer the product on with several layers to get more color or one may opt for a more subtle and natural look with just a tiny bit of the product. 

Top - BECCA's Beach Tint in Fig
Bottom - BECCA's Beach Tint in Grapefruit

I was supposed to get Guava, however, it seems Guava is sold out everywhere so I decided to get Grapefruit instead. I like both colors on the cheek. On the lips, Fig is the perfect nude color that wouldn't make  person look like a zombie.
I really like Fig! It is indeed the perfect nude shade, however, it probably won't show up on skin tones that are darker than NC25-30. If you have light skin, this is a must try!
I like Grapefruit on the cheeks, but on my lips it turns into a very weird tangerine color. Among the 3 beach tints I own, this one is also the most oily. I have even resorted to storing it in the refrigerator to no avail. There's just too much oil in the product and shaking the tube can be quite a pain sometimes.

NOTE: Remember - vigorously shake before applying the beach tint.

The only downside to these are the price which some may find a bit too much. Do keep in mind though that you only need a tiny bit for each application. The product contained in these tubes will probably last for months so it's pretty much worth it in my opinion.

Color - Pale Coral Pink
I wouldn't say it's pale at all, but I agree that it is indeed a Coral.
Scent - smells like lemon cookies.
Colour Payoff -  Coral and this is rather pigmented. 

Color - Tea Rose Pink
It's the perfect nude color with a splash of pink or is a nude pink as some would say. 
Scent - smells so lovely! it smells really fruity.
Colour Payoff - This product is very sheer. Take note of the word sheer because it might not show up on people with darker skin tones.

Here's a picture of the beach tints I currently own. Now, I usually do not purchase a product with the same formula or same use in different colors. I constantly just pick the one I like the most and would spend on other products but I am really inlove with Becca's beach tints! 

Swatches were done on my sister's arm while she was taking a nap on the sofa. hahaha! :))

BECCA products can be purchased from Adora Manila at 1,850.00 Php per tube.  

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!

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