Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet my sisters Enky (FOTD) and Bea (FOTN)

Little sisters are the cutest, most huggable, fluffiest, and most sinister + bratty gifts from heaven that annoy the hell off a person from time to time but will always remain priceless & irreplaceable. :3

Meet my younger sisters Enky and Bea. =) 

Enky is my youngest sister. She usually doesn't wear makeup. Although she has mentally claimed and uses my MAC Hipness blush and Benefit High Beam. She wanted a simple neutral look. So.... 
Yes, I also took the photos. YAY for multi tasking. LOL!

- Rimmel Fix & Perfect foundation primer
- Revlon PhotoReady 005 Natural Beige
- MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC30
- Elf Healthy Glow Bronzer in Sun Kissed
- Smashbox Blush/Soft Lights Duo Under/Cover
- MAC Hipness Powder Blush

- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
- Etude House Bling bling eyestick in Butterfly Star
- Prestige Eyeliner E.30 White
- In2it Waterproof gel liner in WG01 very black
- MAC Eyeshadow in Cross Cultural & Amber Lights
- Urban Decay Skyscraper multi-benefit mascara & Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
- Elf eyebrow kit in Light

What she puts on her lips isn't makeup so I'm not going to list it down.

Bea wanted a night time look that she could wear for partying since Christmas parties seem to be happening here and there. She also wanted green eyeshadow. I experimented with Green eye makeup and Red lips. I'm using this season as a very convenient excuse for getting away with something so bright and colorful. After all we do associate Red & Green with Christmas, right? :3

I swear this looks better in real life. :/ 
Bad camera...


- Smashbox Photo finish primer
- Maybelline Clear smooth minerals healthy natural liquid foundation in WG3 Apricot Sand
- Nars cream Blush in Cactus Flower
- MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW25
- Elf Healthy Glow Bronzer in Sun Kissed
- Smashbox Blush/Soft Lights Duo Under/Cover

- Sedona Lace 120 1st Edition Eyeshadow Pallete
- Layered Koji Dolly Wink No.2 & No. 3
- Maybelline Magnum Colum Express Waterproof in Black
- Maybelline Eyestudio Gel eyeliner in Black
- Styi style glitter lid liner in glittering aqua
- In2it Waterproof gel liner in WG01 very black
- Elf eyebrow kit in Light


- NYX in Snow white
- Etude House Dear Darling Gloss  

Both my sisters have super tiny eyelids. >o<"

Now for the special part of my post! Art work is by Me. I used Photoscape to edit their pictures.

I'm sure they'll both kill me if they see the photos below. But I think they're super cute so I'm sharing and hope that they don't see this post. >:) (Insert sinister evil laugh here)

 She's cute isn't she? :3
 Ohhh!!! It's Hello Kitty.
Enky told me before that people often tell her that she
resembles Hello Kitty and I literally rolled out laughing non-stop
till she walked out on me. :p
It's a snow Bunny! :o3
I made one for Bea too because she saw me making the photos 
above. Then she got mad because she said Enky's were cuter.
Sigh... :/

Sorry if I put my watermark across their pictures but Enky's has already had a lot of experience with people stealing her photos online. 

Bea was nice enough to make a watermark for me but I need it with no background. So I'm going to ask her to edit it later ---

Super cute right? LOL! Please disregard the number of times I use the word cute on this post.
What do you guys think? Should I use it? 

That's all for now. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


P.S. I haven't bought a single gift for anyone except for myself. :p


Anonymous said...

you have gorgeous sisters and so are you.

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

great job <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha...I love the "P.S" part. XD You're all so pretty!


Your sisters are sooo cute! You guys are all pretty. The bunny ears you made is so kawaii. I also like the Christmas makeup.

I haven't bought any gifts too..yikes! :-)

Riya~ said...

love the colors

Nadine Natalin said...

nice job :)

sugar sugar said...

Reina - Thank you! :)

Jenn - Thanks dear. =)

Shop N' Chomp - Thanks! :3 I promise I'll shop for everyone at the last minute. LOL! x)

MINAKACHU - Salamat! Traffic's pretty bad nowadays. :/ We should just go online shopping I think. x)

It's really easy to do just download Photoscape. It's a free program that's for uber lazy people like me I think. LOL!

riya - thank you! :3

Nadine - thanks thanks! :)

blogger said...

you and your sisters are the bomb! you're all so pretty! great job ^_~

nisa said...

wow your sisters are sooo cute ^__^
love the eye make-up!!!!

DinaXYYan said...

Your sisters are so cute!

Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

sugar sugar said...

locke - thanks! haha! we don't look like we're related no? people often think we're just friends when we go out. :)

nisa - thanks dear! yes, they are i think. :3

dina - you're welcome and thank you too! =)

Unknown said...

lol, very fun post. Your sisters are both lovely. Great job with teh OTT makeup for the party. That last shot of Bea as snow bunny. She looks really cute in that photo, but also funny since she has such a serious look on her face but the cute ears, lol

Gina said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I've answered the questions you had xxx

sugar sugar said...

Tom - She smeared her lipstick on that photo! LOL! We were eating pizza when we took these photos. :)
Yes, she's really cute I think.
Thanks! :3

Gina - Thankyou. I was thinking of checking back tomorrow. :) I didn't expect that you'd reply so fast. ;)

dblchin (double chin) said...

I love the eye makeup hunny!!! pretty~

Anonymous said...

you have 2 really cute sister, cute as you hehe. great job!! I love doing makeup on my sister too :P

Anonymous said...

no worries, 2 more weeks more to enjoy the vacation pa. :D

sugar sugar said...

I love the eye makeup hunny!!! pretty~

sugar sugar said...

Your sisters are so cute!

Thank you for your sweet comment! :)

sugar sugar said...

nice job :)

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