Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in 719 Hibiscus

I hate taking pictures and swatches of used products without their original packaging. I am however making an exception right now, because this was handed down to me by my mom and I think the color is absolutely gorgeous! The case is quite bulky, and is a scratch and dust magnet. It looks glamorous and it is sturdy but I'm not fond of all the scratches that it has collected. :/

Product Description - Glamour, comfort and irresistible, kiss-me lips with Joli Rouge. Moisturizes and smoothes, gives intense colour and flawless hold.

 The lipstick is embossed with the Clarins trademark. There's a lot of product inside the tube.

Scent - It has a scent which reminds me of cosmetics older people use as with some high end cosmetics. Something I am not a fan of. :/

Lasting Power - About 4-6 hours on its own without a lip balm and a lipstick and does not easily come off after eating, drinking, etc...

swatch, swiped once.

It's a lovely red-berry colour with gold/orange micro-shimmers. I would say that this color can be sheer or as full coverage as you would want it to be - it can be built with several layers without clumping and does not emphasize fine lines. 
It will not make your lips look like a disco ball and gives a lovely sheen without a lipgloss!
The formula is nourishing but not and will not dry the lips but not as moisturizing as my favorite lipstick. It is quite creamy and does not feel gritty despite the shimmers on the lipstick. It's also very light and does not feel heavy on the lips.

I think this lipstick will also look better on people with cool skintones. But let's see if I can make it work for me:

Please ignore the upper lip hair and the smudged lipstick. 

A picture of me wearing Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in 719, Hibiscus.
I read somewhere that Asian girls must have nerdy-geeky pictures taken with glasses so here's my version, LOL! I am wearing my glasses which I never really wear in public because I think it makes me look older, or, ahem my age. :P 
I always use the same products for my FOTDs. :) Please refer to my older posts for the list of makeup items I've used.

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