Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thinking of having a giveaway

Hi girls! I just want to get your opinion on this. LOL! I have been joining giveaways and think that it's only fair that I give back although I'm the type of person who never really wins anything that's based on luck. Like seriously... If my professor shuffles class cards I'd probably the last one to be called on so yeah, it's not really that bad. haha!

First of all I would like to tell everyone that I am just a student and I really don't work except for occasional stuff that I get paid for but really isn't much, so please don't expect anything major in the prices ok? x) Let's just do it for fun.

I'm also thinking whether I should just open it locally or internationally..? I don't even know where the post office in Manila is. haha! But I checked with several couriers and hopefully I can have an international giveaway so everyone can join. :)

I think I'm going to include a couple of products from Etude, HHN, or whatever you girls might suggest and I can afford. If I do an international giveaway I'll definitely be including local products that can't be purchased in other countries because I want you to be able to try them. :3

Many of you have been asking about the heated eyelash curler so I already placed an order for it and would love to have one of you try it out for yourselves. x) I'm still thinking of what else to include so I'd love to hear your opinions and idea on what you'd like since I'll be doing it all for you wonderful ladies.

EDIT: I'm going to start this giveaway a month from now or when I get 75 followers. :D I know most ladies have giveaways on their 50th follower but I just want to do mine on 75 LOL! x)



+ S T A R + said...

good luck on your plan to host a giveaway =)

sugar sugar said...

Thanks Jing! ",

Kitten said...

Hey there, that's great actually! I plan on having my giveaway too on my first anniversary that is. As for suggestions, why not try pureglow or ellana products? I've been reading good reviews about ellana's foundation powders and their fairly cheap. Or others give out their favorite products that they use.

Good luck on your giveaway!

sugar sugar said...

Kitten - Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried both brands will definitely keep it in mind. ;)

sugar sugar said...

good luck on your plan to host a giveaway =)

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