Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Purchases from Care Free Shopper (Urban Decay's Hall of Fame + Ecotools 5 piece brush set)

Hi! This is just going to be a quick post of my recent purchase.

I bought this from http://carefreeshopper.multiply.com/
The seller Ms. Armie is so nice -she gets back and answers queries promptly. The transaction was hassle free and also very fast. I got everything a day after I paid. Yay!!! x) 
Cheers to responsible sellers like her!

So here's what I got:
I haven't really had time to play with this yet. But I will try to review and swatch everything for you ladies.
Can I just say that everything was reasonably prized. I have been eyeing the EcoTools brushes for a while but most online shops were overpriced. Thankfully I found Ms. Armie's online shop! :)

EDIT - I completely forgot to mention that everything was neatly wrapped and packed in bubble plastic wrappers. I wasn't able to take photos though because I was too excited to open everything. >o<

Hall of Fame

Like Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians, our XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion towers over four of our favorite products, shrunken to travel-friendly sizes… the best, big and small! Buy the set for yourself (re-stock your Primer, then use the rest for girls’ night out, snowboarding, or a trip backstage), or give it to a friend new to Urban Decay (are there still people who don’t know the magic of 24/7 Pencils?!)

The Hall of Fame is packed with:

- XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion: 60% larger than the original size! - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero: creamy, waterproof, forever-lasting black - NEW Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara: complete with its full-size brush - Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy: sheer beige shimmer - Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in Timothy: coral with a pink glow

Splattered with graffiti-like images, our illustrated box will have you scanning the cover for hidden messages and quirky UD humor.
(Description taken from http://carefreeshopper.multiply.com/)

EcoTools - BAMBOO 5 piece brush set:
- Mineral Powder Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Eye Shading Brush
-Baby Kabuki
- Cosmetic Bag

Initial Thoughts on Hall of Fame  - LOL!! The packaging is sooooo cute and funny!This set seems promising. Can't wait to try it out!
Initial Thoughts on EcoTools: BAMBOO 5 piece brush set - O.o OMG!!! The brushes are sooooo soft! Will wash these so I can try these out. Oh yeah, and this set is earth friendly that's like already +100 points! Did I mention that the brushes were the softest I ever tried? Oh I did my bad...  >o<"

Please let me know if you want a review on any of these items.

Sugar ^______^


Lady E said...

I want a review of the EcoTools! How much for the UD set and the brushes?

sugar sugar said...

Lady E - 800.00 php for the Ecotools brush set and 1,695.00php for the hall of fame set. :3

nisa said...

nice haul sugar ^^
i wanna try eco tools brushes so bad >__<

Anastacia said...

Yaaaay! for the urban decay primer potion! so nice haul!!

Unknown said...

i want a review of the EcoTools brushes.... =D would love to get them if they are good hehehe

sugar sugar said...

nisa chan - I think Ms. Armie ships internationally..? Maybe you should contact her if you want to try the brush set or look for someone in your country who sells the set for a reasonable price.

Anastacia - Thank you dear. :3 I have tried swatching it and it really does wonders. O.o

ri-chan - Are the Ecotools available in SG? :)
I have noted that you and Lady E both asked for a review of the brushes. :3 I will wash the brushes later and will review them soon.

✿M.I.T.C.H said...

hi sugar! I also bought the UD Hall of Fame and a couple of NYX lippies from Ms. Armie and I just got it today! =) UD goodies are really sooo cute. Can't wait to try them out as well... ;)

✿M.I.T.C.H said...

hi sis! I just read your recent comment on my blog... can you try following my blog again 'coz I can't seem to find you on my Followers list and I also can't find my site on your 'Blogs that I follow' list... =D

Anyway, regarding the Lady Gaga lippie... PLSsss..... can you ask her for me if she still has the lippie? Btw, is she also from the PHL? ;)

Silver Strands said...

Looks like you've had some fun shopping Sugar!

+ S T A R + said...

nice haul! the udpp box set is so pretty.

Unknown said...

Oh great haul. I like eco tool brushes, I don't think they are the best out there, but they are good for the environment so I always get them^^

fierce nails and beauty said...

this looks great....
Can't wait to hear your review on all the products.
And as for the bamboo brushes,i can only imagine how soft they are.
Thanks for sharing
♥ Bev

Unknown said...

Not that I know actually I don't think it exists in SG hahaha

Unknown said...

thanks for visiting my blog! i actually have both of these items you purchased :D the UD set is pretty excellent especially with the deluxe size UDPP! the zero eyeliner works fabulous too :) and eco tools are amazing!! i'm not a person that wears hardcore makeup everyday so i don't spend any money on pricier brushes like MAC so these eco tool brushes fit my budget exactly! i'm sure i've washed mine over 10 x and they are still so soft :) try hunting down the travel kabuki too, its super soft too :)


Can't wait for your review for the hall of fame! Really nice packaging and the Timothy lipgloss sounds promising. Fab hauls!:-)

noone said...

ohh very nice haul! I've heard wonderful things about that primer. Hope you will review it soon :D

sugar sugar said...

I would like to apologize for the delayed reply to the comments you left, but things have gotten busier since classes have officially started.

Lady Mitchelli - I sent you an email sis. :3

Denalee - I did. Thank you.

Jing - Haha, yes! Urban Decay and Benefit always has the cutest and most unique packaging.

さらまり - I agree. :3

fierce nails and beauty - Thanks! :3 They're the softest brushes I tried so far.

ri-chan - LOL! You can look it up online then.

Jenny - You're welcome and thanks for visiting mine too. I agree. Haha!

MINAKICHU - Thank you. Will soon do a review. :)

Pop Champagne - I will. ^o^ Thanks for the comment.


Nice haul! And I buy stuff from Armie, too - she's such a sweetie! :) Great deals too!

sugar sugar said...

Peachy-Pink Sisters - Thankyou for following my blog and commenting. I totally agree! Miss Armie is an A-Ok seller in my book. ;)

sugar sugar said...

Peachy-Pink Sisters - Thankyou for following my blog and commenting. I totally agree! Miss Armie is an A-Ok seller in my book. ;)

sugar sugar said...

this looks great....
Can't wait to hear your review on all the products.
And as for the bamboo brushes,i can only imagine how soft they are.
Thanks for sharing
♥ Bev

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