Friday, May 21, 2010

Kenny Roger's Spicy Roast Chicken Plate

Hi everyone! So today I ordered from Kenny Roger's - I caught a flu and I decided  it was too hot to go out anyway . :(

Kenny Roger's Roasters has a new offering, it's called the Kenny's Spicy Chicken Roast which I decided to try. Here are some pictures of it  + a half a dozen of corn muffins:

I resized and compiled the pictures so the post won't be too picture heavy. :3 

Kenny's Spicy Roast Chicken Plate comes with the spicy chicken, java rice and coleslaw for 170 Php, I guess that's around 3-4 dollars .

I usually order from KR's but this time around the food was cold when it arrived. The chicken was ok, but nothing too great. It was also too spicy for me. >o<'' So yeah, if you're a person who likes spicy food you probably ought to give this a try.

The cold muffins were a total let down. :( Tsk, tsk... And, the coleslaw was only half a cup full. That's already minus 200 yummy points.

Rating: 3/5

By the way, I noticed that most of the people who started following me are ladies. :3 That's really kind of weird since most of my friends IRL and in FB are guys LOL! Thanks to all you lovely ladies, btw. :3

Sugar :3


Anonymous said...

Just tagged you with an award:) Check it out on my blog!


Anonymous said...

wow. :) tsalap tsalap!

Unknown said...

I did not know that Kenny Rogers made a restaurant chain. I guess I have been outside the US too long. :-)

sugar sugar said...

They do I think LOL! :3 When they started out here in the Philippines their chicken was so juicy and succulent but the quality has gone down. :(

I love their muffins though! I will try to post more food related posts so that Thomas can also relate. :3

sugar sugar said...

Just tagged you with an award:) Check it out on my blog!


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