Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gothic Series Open Photoshoot

Hi dear readers! So, yesterday my sister said she wanted to go to MJ Cachero Salinas' Gothic Open shoot. Well, I was not really feeling up to it since I have a flu but since she really wanted to I couldn't say, no. Uhhh yeah, I tend to spoil my younger siblings. :'(

I saw a lot of familiar faces on the shoot. I also met new found friends! :3

Photographer: MJ Cachero Salinas
MUAs: Nanan Villalba (Nani Von), Anton Patdu & Diane Lorenzana
Hair stylist: George Delfin & Mycke Summers
Stylist: Argie Salango

WARNING: The post might get a bit picture heavy

Shot @ MY Studio Ortigas

BTS (Behind the Scene Photos) Photo credits - Gerard Michael Robinson, Diane Lorenzana, Mycke Summers & George Delfin
Nani Von doing my makeup. I asked him to use my Smashbox Classifeyed pallete and he did. :3 I will do a review of it on my next post.

Anton Patdu doing my sister's makeup.
We previously worked with Sir Nan and Anton before so we were already at ease and we casually chatted. :3

Hair Stylist, George Delfin, Bea of VictoRio and Hair Stylist/Model Mycke Summers

Model Gernest Vail with Sir George

So... Here I am. LOL! A happy and timid looking goth vampire. RawR! 
with Sir George after he fixed my hair. ^-^

cam whoring with Mycke Summers ^^

Getting ready for the shoot! :D

with Sir George, my sister, me, and stylist Argie Salango

One more time :)

with Mycke Summers this time around. LOL! We were pretty much into it.

I actually have two hair pieces with one on top of the other - it was kind of heavy but  was pretty much worth it!
NOTE: I just resized and watermarked the photos. ^_^ 

We had so much fun! The photos clearly show that we were. LOL! :) Everyone was so professional but wasn't so stiff as to not be cheerful and exchange a few hi's and chit-chat. 
I think MJ is considering having a part II because yesterday was a huge success!

Congratulations for a job well done to everyone on the set! :D

I'm eagerly waiting for the processed photos! :3

Lots of love,
Sugar ^_^


maki said...

sexy outfit. i like your eye makeup!

sugar sugar said...

Thank you. ^_^ I got the dress from Zara, HK.

Sir Nanan is really one of the best local MUAs. I sooo love him! :3

Anonymous said...

Ah this looks like it was so fun! I love the little hairpieces they put on you, very gaga-like hahaha xxxx

sugar sugar said...

Ariel - The hair pieces were heavy! LOL! I actually wanted a veil but the stylist said I shouldn't cover my face. :)

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